Suthol Pathikrit Samman – Celebrating the Good in the Society and Saluting the Revolutionaries who have made a Difference


Suthol Pathikrit Samman

“The fact that so many people have turned up today for the awards ceremony is proof of the fact that good still exists in the society. To celebrate this good and also the contribution of eminent individuals in the society, Suthol Pathikrit Samman was given to three personalities namely Alokananda Roy, Dr Prasanta Banerji and Professor Dr Apurba Ghosh” said Mir during his stint as the host at the Suthol Pathikrit Samman.


The event saw the unveiling of the theme song “Cholo na darai aaj manusher kache” by Lopamudra Mitra, Lyricist Anindyo Chatterjee and composer Joy Sarkar. Actress Subhasree, Swami Biswatmananda (Dilip Maharaj), Soma Dutta Williams (Olympian Rifle shooter) were also present at the occasion.


Speaking at the occasion, Alokananda Roy said “I feel privileged to receive this honor with my two other fellow awardees. They have done so much for the society- saving lives of the patients. In comparison to them, I have done nothing. I just dance and try and calm the minds of the people. The jail inmates are like my kids and I travel with them all over the country. When they receive a standing ovation, I feel proud of them. Everybody deserves a second chance. And I am also very sure that they will never ever let me feel ashamed as I am their Ma”.


Dr. Prasanta Banerji who also received the prize was awarded for his revolutionary ideas in Homeopathic medicines. He had started a free clinic 54 years ago and also discovered the modern cure for Brain Cancer. This cure is tested and recognized by M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston and accredited by National Institutes of Health, Government of USA.


Dr. Apurba Ghosh, the other personality who was awarded with the Samman had been working devotedly towards issues on child health. Institute of Child health, Kolkata, where he works as the Director is one of the best places in the city where parents can avail of great treatment at minimal costs.

The evening ended with the spirited dance drama performance by Alokananda Roy and her troupe of inmates of West Bengal Correctional Homes.

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