Bollywood Hero Ranbir Kapoor and Actress Anushka Sharma visit Kolkata to promote their Upcoming Bollywood Hindi Film ‘Bombay Velvet’


Video: New Hindi Film Bombay Velvet Promotions in Kolkata

Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor were in Kolkata to promote their upcoming Bollywood Hindi Film Bombay Velvet which revolves around the life of a boxer named Johnny Balraj and a bar singer Rosie. How their dreams and hopes collide with their individual realities is what the story is all about. The film is based on a book by Gyan Prakash titled Mumbai Fables.


“It is indeed very disheartening at times when people make such a drastic comment on the personal lives of the stars. The thing that happened with Anushka was very bad. I understand that the people want to know much about our lives, but one must always keep in mind that our personal lives should not be turned into gossip stories” said Ranbir Kapoor at the promotion of the upcoming Bollywood film Bombay Velvet in Kolkata.


“Well, I had to understand the nuances of singing like a jazz singer. The singing style is different and hence I trained myself to suit the role well. Neeti Mohan had done a great job with the songs and I wanted to do my job in a fitting manner. Hopefully the audiences will be able to relate the song sung by Neeti with the lip syncing that I have done in the film” said Anushka Sharma.


Both the actors opined that working with Karan Johar was a delightful experience. “Karan is a multi-talented individual. Director, television show anchor, reality show judge and what not!! He never came to the sets with a baggage that he was a reputed director. He came as a newbie actor who wanted to learn many things about acting. It was great shooting with him. He even took advices on acting from me. I am looking forward to acting under his direction” said Ranbir Kapoor.

When questioned about her working chemistry with Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor respectively, Anushka revealed that working with Ranbir Kapoor was a better and fulfilling experience than working with Ranveer Singh.


A part of the film was also to be shot in Kolkata. However it could not happen due to financial constraints, revealed Ranbir. “Bringing such a big crew to Kolkata and shooting at the docks required a huge budget. Since that was not possible, the shoot at Kolkata had to be cancelled. The docks were recreated on the sets in Mumbai” said Ranbir. The actor also will be back in Kolkata in August to shoot for one of his upcoming Hindi films.


Marriage is on the cards for both the actors. Anushka mentioned that marriage is not something that one could hide and she would reveal to the media once she decides on getting married. Ranbir said “The next step is always marriage, kids, family. But I am just 32(smiles). I do not want to comment anything now. If I say anything a Pandora’s Box will open and it will go on and on. Hence I am keeping my mouth shut at the moment on my relationship status or marriage”.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Bombay Velvet releases on May 15.

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