Director Amitava Bhattacharya’s Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Conditions Apply’ to Present an Actress’s Struggle to Exist beyond the Gender Structure



Director Amit and actress Chitrangada can be seen sipping tea from their cups and engaged in a deep conversation. A shout from the back called out “Ok! Cut”. And Lo! Director Amit becomes Shilajit Majumder and actress Chitrangada becomes Mumtaz Sorcar. No, this is not a piece from a magic show of P. C. Sorcar. This is simply a flashback scene of the upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply which was being shot recently at a house near Hedua.

Debutant director Amitava Bhattacharya’s Conditions Apply is about an actress Chitrangada whose struggle is to exist beyond the gender structure prevalent in the society. The film will showcase what an individual has to face due to this hard core gender structure prevalent in our society.


“The story is itself catchy and hence the title of the film has been so named. After food and clothes, human beings think about themselves. Hence sex revolution is the most prominent topic in discussion all over the world. People are very much concerned about the sexual orientations and hence I thought of picking up this topic for my debut film” said director Amitava Bhattacharya. The director also has plans of sending the film to some international film festivals before releasing the film in Kolkata.


“When I started the film’s shooting, I was confused about how to portray the character. The character is becoming interesting and challenging with the passing of time. I often get lost in the role during the shooting. The graph of the character is going up and down. I even cried during one day’s shooting. I became Chitrangada for that moment. I have extremely high hopes from this film” said actress Mumtaz Sorcar.

The film has been shot in parts of Purulia and also in some places identified as Maoist areas.

Speaking in between shots, the director also added that his selection of Mumtaz for the role was solely because he found her body language to suit the role perfectly.

Producer Mr. Vinod Lahoti who had produced Chatrak and Kagojer Bou before said “I want to produce films which will make you think. I do not want to make the typical dancing around the trees commercial films and get box office success. I know my films may not give me a full packed hall but they will be assets for me. Hence I thought of backing this film which has a wonderful story to tell to the audience”.


The music of the film has been composed by Chirantan Banerjee. “This film on transgender is a challenge for me and my director. There are three songs in the film. Akash Chakrabarty has written the lyrics of the song. One song has been sung by me, the other two by Somlata and Shilajit. Versagile, my band is composing the background score for the film and also helping in the music arrangement of the film” said the music director.

The film which is being produced by Mr. Vinod Lahoti of Vinayak Pictures shall be released in 2016.

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