New Bengali Film Jogajog Review; Tagore it is but to What Levels of Perfection?



Rabindranath Tagore is the cultural icon of the people of Bengal. There can be no second doubts about this fact. His writings still continue to inspire us and are also adapted for making films and serials. Even his personal life is also a zone of interest for the inquisitive Bengalis. The recently released film Kadambari highlighted on his personal life. Another filmmaker Shekhar Das also turned to the Bard for inspiration for his film, Jogajog (which released recently). The film is made on a classic story by Tagore with the same name.

Jogajog narrates the tale of two families- the Chatujjeys and the Ghoshals. They are age old rivals. Biprodas Chatujjey is a music lover and is a soft spoken person by nature. He becomes financially indebted to Madhusudan Ghoshal, his family rival. To resolve this financial dispute, Madhusudan offers to marry Kumudini. Kumudini is half his age and is the youngest daughter of the Chatujjey family. This marriage showcases the differences of the two families in their style of living or way of thinking out in the open. Kumudini agrees to marry Madhusudan and after the marriage his rudeness repulses her. Things even become more acute when she finds out that the widowed sister-in-law has an illegitimate relationship with her husband. What happens to Kumudini? The film answers the question in the running time of two hours and eighteen minutes.

When one makes a film on a classic novel or a literary piece, the task is both easy and also difficult. The job is easy because the writer had already done half the job of the director by providing him with varied characters, different backgrounds and hence aiding him fifty percent in his cinematic work. The same is true for this film too. With Tagore’s writing as a guide, Shekhar Das’s job had been made easy. The tough part is however the adaptation and presenting the philosophical observations of Tagore in the running time of the film is a tad difficult job. However the director succeeded in making a decent film and he was aptly aided by the actors and the music directors.

However some faults in the directorial department strike out. The second half of the film could have been edited and made thirty minutes short. It drags much in this half. Editing and scripting of the film should have been given more importance by the director as some scenes come and go before you actually can understand it properly. Jogajog was published in 1929 and is a tale of that era so during the marriage scene how can the band party be shown playing tunes like “mein hood don”? This is a glaring mistake and had the director paid heed to it, this would not have happened.

Music by Pandit Debojyoti Bose is the strength of the film. He does a good job with the music of this film and lends an aura of those times with his music.

Bratya Basu as Madhusudan, Suvolagna Mukherjee as Kumudini and Ananya Chatterjee as the widowed Sister-in-law, shine brightly in the film with their performances. Suvolagna in her debut film is a bit stiff in the initial scenes but gains momentum as the film progresses. Her softness actually helps in highlighting Madhusudan’s rudeness and puts the focus much on Bratya Basu as the actor.

Ananya does an excellent job as the widowed sister-in-law Shyamasundori. She is in one scene the lonely widowed woman and in the next she is the femme fatale. And she shines in her role.

Shaheb Chatterjee and Locket Chatterjee are good in their respective roles as is Arjun Chakraborty as Biprodas.

Jogajog is one film that can must watch simply for the stellar acting and the good music.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating-2.5/5

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