Summer special Kebabs and Rolls at Kolkata Restaurant Lazeez; Please the Palette and Beat the Heat



Do you love eating kebabs and rolls? Is the heat causing hindrance to your eating such delicious stuff? Then do not worry as Lazeez has started the Rolls and Kebabs Carnival at their Kasba outlet.

With the heat taking a toll on the health, people stay away from the consumption of kebabs and rolls in summers. They are oily and spicy food and hence people avoid them. However to cater to the taste buds of the kebabs and roll lovers, the new menu consists of rolls and kebabs which have been made to suit the people during the summer season. Olive oil has been used for the making of the rolls and the kebabs, and this makes the food healthy as well as nutritious. Ingredients like Pudina, Dhania have also been used in the rolls and kebabs to aid in digestion of the food.


Some of the rolls available at the food carnival include Aloo methi roll, Paneer pudina roll, Chicken mint roll (summer special), Chicken hara dhaniya roll (summer special), Lazeez diet roll, Chicken cheese roll, Murgh mayonnaise roll, Mutton shahi khiri roll and Mutton mahi tikia roll.

The kebabs on offer for the customers include Tandoori rimjhim aloo, Paneer hariyali kebab, Chicken sholey kebab, Chicken pudina kebab, lazeez chicken cheese kebab, Mutton Irani kebab and Mutton pahari kebab.

The Rolls and Kebabs Carnival will continue till the 14th of June. Pocket pinch for two individuals will cost around Rs 500. The rolls and kebabs will be available from 12pm to 11pm at the Kasba outlet only.

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