New Bengali Film Jamai 420 Review; Not all Cat and Mouse Chases look Funny


Just before the much hyped Bengali festival Jamai Sashti, the New Kolkata Bengali Film Jamai 420 released in Kolkata theaters. And here I was heading to the theaters hoping that the film will be fun filled and entertaining. But what I had to sit through is what I will relate in the following few paragraphs.

The film Jamai 420 tells the tale of three couples in love. Priyanka and Joy are lawyers and they plan to get married. However Joy is so afraid of his father that he cannot break this news to him. As a result when he is asked by his father to get married to one of his friend’s daughters’, he agrees. However in the course of the film it is revealed that the girl Trina he gets married to, loves another guy, Shaan. Bijoy and Julie get married much to the disapproval of Julie’s gangster brother. To avoid getting caught by the gangster brother, they flee to Bangkok and take the other two couples along with them. What follows is total mayhem and confusion leading to the climax of the film.

Director Ravi Kinnagi who had delivered many commercially successful films in the past fails to get the pass marks for this film. The mindless plot with a hackneyed script makes the film an eyesore. Simply having good looking actors and actresses (in short dresses) dancing at foreign locations is not the sure shot way to achieve success!! I mean when films like Khad, Chotoder Chobi, Nirbaak are being attempted by the other directors to cater to the changing audience tastes, the director assumed that the rotting slapstick jokes and skin show would pass off so easily with the audiences. When I compare this film with those mindless comedies of Sajid Khan like Housefull, they turn out to be a lot more bearable. Films like Jamai Raja (starring Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Hema Malini) which also had the son-in-law/Jamai as the main protagonist were even commercially successful and well made.

The track involving actress Pamela in the film is also unwanted. If the director wanted to introduce Joy and Priyanka as successful divorce lawyers, then why did the director not show the end of the case? The fact that the two went to Bangkok, even before solving the case makes this an unnecessary part of the film. Moreover the drop of the sari to reveal the actress’s ample cleavage both in and out of the court was also a pain for the eyes. I would suggest the readers (interested in such scenes) to kindly watch The Dirty Picture featuring Vidya Balan as that showcased her in a much better light even when she dropped the sari.

Music by Dev Sen and Dabbu further add to the trail of all that was already going wrong. The songs are equally bad in the film. The loud music and the tacky lyrics ensure that you will put fingers in your ears to avoid inflicting torture on your ear drums.

The ensemble cast consisting of many experienced actors like Biswanath, Biswajit Chakraborty, Kharaj Mukherjee, Manasi, also fail to do anything substantial for the film. Why were they so loud and over the top? Was this the instruction of the director? As far as the young brigade consisting of Mimi, Nusrat, Payel, Hiran, Ankush and Sohom is concerned, they were all competing to bag the worst actor award in this film. The actresses hardly emoted and their mannerism would just not go down well with the urban audience.

Jamai 420 is one film you may watch only if you wish to get some disturbance free sleep in an air conditioned theater!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating: 1/5

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