Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive Preview of Mango Festival “Aam Mania” at Jameson Inn Shiraz


Mango Festival Aam Mania at Shiraz

If the maddening heat is the drawback of the Indian summer, then rejoice as it also has some positive aspects. All that is good about the Indian summers comes in the form of juicy mangoes. Alphonso, Chausa, Himsagar, Lyangra, Golapkhas and many other varieties of mangoes can be found in the country.


Jameson Inn Shiraz, one of the reputed hotels in the city will be starting a mango festival for the food lovers. Titled Aam Mania, the festival will see a wide variety of dishes being served for the customers. From cakes, chaat, kulfi, phirni, custard, shaslik to salad- the menu has a delectable spread of all that the Kolkata foodies love.


Speaking with our correspondent, Chef Rupam Banik, Executive Chef said “We have used both raw and ripe mangoes for the preparation of the various dishes in this mango festival. With the heat making life unbearable, many people who come to the hotel look for some refreshing items. Mangoes are always refreshing. Keeping that in mind we have used them in various dishes so as to give a fresh lease of taste to the taste buds of the customers”.


The Chef also highlighted on the fact that apart from the taste, the dishes like Aam Panna and Lassi also have some health benefits. Aam Panna helps to protect one from sun stroke whereas Lassi gives one a feeling of being full in the stomach preventing over eating during the summer. To cater to the diet of the health conscious individuals, the Nachos with Mango Salsa dish can be made as per the choice of the customer. The customer can state his/her preference of the baked or the fried Nachos and the dish will be made accordingly.


The menu consists of Aam Ka Panna, Dadhi Rashal, Mango Stun, Nachos with Mango Salsa, Corn and Mango Salad, Aam ki Dhuan Chaat, Mango Cheese Shaslik, Kachche Aam se Paki Murgi, Keri Murgh Roll, Mango Split, Mango Kulfi, Aam Phirni, Mango Custard and Frozen Mango Cake.

Mango Phirni and Mango Custard have been made from Alphanso variety while the other dishes have been made from the Himsagar variety.

An interesting blend of Mangoes has been done with the other ingredients. For the making of the salsa for the Nachos dish, the choice of ingredients is indeed interesting. Raw and ripe mangoes, tricolor pepper, Mango ginger, coriander leaves, green chilli, salt, Mango pulp has been added to make it refreshing and to retain the tangy taste of the mangoes.


Aam Mania will start from 4th June and continue till the 21st of June from 12pm to 11pm at Jameson Inn Shiraz. Pocket pinch for two will be around rupees six hundred plus taxes.

Do hop in to revel in the yummy mango delicacies on offer!!

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