Marketing Guru Suhel Seth deconstructs the Notion of Being Successful at the Edutainment Show in Kolkata


Media, Communication, Design and Entertainment Summit

The Edutainment Show, a focused exhibition and knowledge summit on Media, Communication, Design and Entertainment was unveiled in Kolkata. The two day exhibition saw many eminent dignitaries speak on various media related topics in front of the assembled audience consisting of students, media personnel, parents and teachers.


The first day saw Marketing Guru Suhel Seth highlighting the various mantras for success to the assembled audience. “Success is not having a great job or a big income package. It is about how well you can sleep at night. If you are able to do that, you are contented and successful. Moreover success cannot be so easily defined. For you getting a good job is the parameter of success. While for someone else, travelling round the world will be a sign of success. Hence whatever makes you contented is what matters most” said Suhel Seth.


The first day of this exhibition saw enriching sessions being conducted covering the different aspects of media and communication. The Ad club of Kolkata spoke on the future of Advertising while Kolkata Bloggers spoke on the emergence of the new media and the art of blogging. A session on Public Relations and Corporate Communications was also conducted. Kolkata directors Arindam Sil and Sudeshna Roy were also present to interact with students on how the concept of movie marketing works.

Thus the first day of this exhibition turned out to be informative and educative for the assembled audience at the event.

Priyanka Dutta

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