Online shopping portal launched; A platform for the rural artisan and craftsmen



To help the indigenous craftsmen and artisans, an online platform was recently launched by the name of The launch was done in the presence of Timir Biswas, Ananya, Gaurab Chatterjee, Ujjaini and others.

With the help of this online platform, the craftsmen will be able to sell their products easily without having to think about middle men or the delivery issues. This will enable them to sell their products at affordable rates directly to the customers. This will help in eliminating the troubles created by the middle men in such deals.


India has about 34.5 million artisans and craftsmen. But most of them do not have an online presence. With this initiative, the customers will be able to find unique and natural products at the best prices. For the craftsmen, they can open their shop in the online platform, list the products and start receiving the orders. The PACKR app helps in the delivery process of the sellers. The team of Paaltao will be visiting those areas where there is low internet penetration and help the artists to come online.

This idea of was developed by Arpan Das (Founder and CEO), Arindam Dawn (Co-founder and Design Architect) and Sudipta Dhara (Co-founder and CTO).

With such young minds coming up to help the artisans of the country, we can surely hope that the artisans will see better days in the future.

Priyanka Dutta

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