Singers Somlata Acharya and Shilajit record for upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply; Music Composed by Chirantan Banerjee



Singer Shilajit and Somlata Acharya were found at the recording session of the upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply at Red Earth Dream studio. The two recorded songs for the film which is directed by Amitava Bhattacharya and is based on the struggles of an actress who is a transgender.


“I had initially refused to sing the song Dehadhin because I felt I had sung such songs too many times. But when I heard it later, I got hooked to it and I thought of changing my decision. I am happy that I actually took the decision of singing the song” said Somlata Acharya.

The film Conditions Apply is the story of an actress who is gender neutral. The film showcases the emotional and the spiritual changes of the actress and her protest against the hypocrisies of the society.


Chirantan Banerjee who is the music director of the film said “I have composed the songs according to the mood of the film. The film has a sensitive topic and hence the songs are made in that way. There are four songs in the film and the lyrics have been penned by Akash Chakraborty and me. We are so obsessed with gender, that we categorize everything according to it”. Working on the film has changed the mindset of the young musician towards the trans-genders. “Earlier I used to avoid them. But now after being associated with this film, I have understood how much lonely they are. I now understand them better” said the young musician.

Chirantan Banerjee has also sung the title track of Arshinagar directed by Aparna Sen and starring Tollywood Hero Dev and has acted in the film as well.


The film Conditions Apply boasts of a stellar cast consisting of Mumtaz Sorcar, Suchanda Chanda, Shilajit Majumdar, Rajesh Sharma, Chandan Sen, Anindya Banerjee and others.

Produced by Vinayak Pictures, the film is slated for release soon.

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