New Bengali Flm ‘She’ Review; Good Premise Wasted over Shoddy Skin Show



Films on the lives of sports personalities like Milkha Singh or Mary Kom have received much adulation and appreciation from fans and critics alike. Raja Banerjee’s recently released film “She” is based on the life of athlete Pinki Pramanik, who had to undergo sex determination tests. Let’s see how the film fared!!

The film starts off in Purulia where a small girl Rinki lives with her family. She loves to run and despite her mother’s protests, her father encourages her in the process. She catches the attention of the coach who takes her home and trains her to become a National Champion. She meets a model and they develop a friendship. The model turns up one day at her home and she asks her to stay with her. They develop a relationship. However misunderstandings soon crop up and after a heated debate the model leaves her. Rinki is arrested on charges of rape and she is ill treated both by the police and the doctors. What happens next?? Is Rinki freed from all charges and accusations?

Films like Mary Kom and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag laid much emphasis on the story telling process and attention to minute details. Both these elements are missing in this film. The director began well but lost his path midway in the story telling process. He resorted to cheap skin show and crudely done sex scenes to allure the audiences. Sex is a part of life but showing the act on screen requires an aesthetic feel. Apart from a few scenes showing Rinki practicing or winning prizes, not much is shown about her struggles. It is all dealt with at the superficial level. Hence we neither sympathize nor empathize with the lead character. Even when she is arrested, I am sure not many seated in the audiences felt bad for her. But compare this with the scene when Mary Kom is not declared the winner despite playing well, we all felt bad for the lady. Sex revolution is the topical issue these days. And even after getting such an inspiring story, the director failed to make a mark of his own.

A series of mistakes pervade the sub-title. Reading it will hamper your English vocabulary for sure. Career has been spelt as carrier and several other such glaring mistakes can be spotted in the sub-titles. Even the continuity in the film is not well maintained. The actor who played the role of the father of Rinki gets changed in the court scene. Did the director think that the audience will not notice such details?

Acting by the actors is also of not much help. Rajesh Sharma as the coach did not have much to do. He had to motivate and he did that. Shantilal Mukherjee as the fashion designer Avi could have avoided doing this role. Why does a talented and experienced actor like him have to do such a role is beyond my level of understanding. Kamalika Chanda as Rinki gets a thumbs up for the body language and getting that Purulia diction correct. The harried screenplay did not enable her much to make a mark.

Music by Indro/Tapan is nothing to be written about. Plaban Basu’s dialogues will ensure that you look for the nearest exit from the hall. Using slang words like “Magir dalal”, “Nang”, pervade the film. Were they so essential in the screenplay? Not really!!

‘She’ is a film which had a good premise. But the director’s overdependence on sex scenes and cheap body show killed the film. Stay away from watching the film. Instead grab a DVD copy of Mary Kom, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Chak De India and enjoy with your friends and family members!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating:-1/5

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