Upcoming Bengali film Mon Churi with some of Tollywood’s Most Popular Funny Men goes on Floors



Upcoming Bengali film Mon Churi is a social satire. Directed by Premasish Dey, the story of the film is about Gonesh and Kartik, two brothers who are both burglars by profession. They have studied at Dasmahavidyalaya College (University of Thieve), which has earlier produced many reputed burglars. Gonesh and Kartik are two bright students of this college. In the course of the film, these two brothers are shown changing from anti-social individuals to social activists.


The shooting of the film is currently taking place at NT1 Studios, near Tollygunje. Dressed as a police man, actor Saswata Chatterjee who plays the role of Kartik said “Kartik is a pick pocket by profession. He always gets rejected by women whenever he expresses his love. However he decides that he will win the heart of a woman by hook or by crook. The college he studied in taught him how to pick pockets but not how to win hearts”.

The actor also added that it was his second day of shoot. “We are all having a blast. In between the shots, we are all laughing our hearts out” added Saswata Chatterjee.


Daminee Benny Basu plays the role of Sundari, Kartik’s wife in the film. “She is a woman who is always busy with her makeup. She is also obsessed with television shows. She agrees to marry only if the marriage happens at 6.30pm in the evening, which is the only time she is free from her busy schedule of watching serials. I must also say one thing. Apu da even made the turmeric paste for me on the sets”.


Biswanath Basu and Koneenica Banerjee play the role of Gonesh and his wife Kolaboti. “Kolaboti is a quarrelsome woman. She is so dominating that her husband is not able to say anything to her. I am enjoying doing this role as a woman has many shades. The character also has these shades” said actress Koneenica.


Sumit Samaddar who plays the role of Safailal in the film has also written the lyrics of the two songs in the film. “Safailal is the third boy in the class after Kartik and Gonesh. He wants to become a minister, which he becomes. At the end however he becomes the principal of the college from where he had learnt the art of burglary” said Sumit Samaddar. The music of the film has been composed by Raja Narayan Deb.

Produced by Eastern Entertainment, the film also has Paran Bandopadhyay, Kharaj Mukherjee and others in pivotal roles.

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