Interview- Director Joydeep Mukherjee on his Upcoming Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film ‘Professional’ Releasing June 21 (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)



Original content for television viewing has again gained much importance after the introduction of this idea by Zee Bangla Cinema Originals. Directors are making new films for television viewing audiences every month. This June director Joydeep Mukherjee’s film Professional will be aired on this slot for the audiences. A quick chat with the director..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You have quite an interesting and engaging name for the film, Professional!! Can you kindly elaborate on the story?

Joydeep Mukherjee- The film is about Raghunath Kamath, alias Raghu, who is a contract killer by profession. He arrives in Kolkata on a special assignment. He has to do away with Vikas Singhania and Suddhanshu Saha. The third target is yet to be assigned to him. Raghu, under the pseudonym of Arjun stays at a lawyer’s place. He falls in love with Riya, who is an innocent and free spirited girl. He receives the biggest shock when he finds that the third assignment is to kill Riya. What happens next? Does he kill Riya? I will not reveal more as the audiences will lose interest in the film then.


What made you select Arjun Chakraborty for the role of Raghu?

The selection shocked many I understand. But I have known Arjun from his early days during Ganner Oparey. Hence I am well aware of his weaknesses and strengths. I know how intense Arjun can become. Hence I thought of casting him for this role. He will surprise everyone for sure. I have broken his image of the young chap who plays the lead in romantic comedies. Watch out for Arjun in Professional!!

How do you see this venture of Zee Bangla Cinema Originals of making a film per month for the television viewing audiences?

I wholeheartedly extend my support for this venture. You see, when I used to make tele-films earlier we had this concept of original content. I had even worked with Hollywood content. Cinema which premiers at cinema halls have limited reach. But when you make the same thing for television viewing audience, the reach is huge. This is extremely advantageous.


Who has composed the music of this film?

The music has been composed by Mayukh-Mainak. There are two songs in this film. It is actually a single song which has two variations. One song has been sung by Timir and the other by Ujjaini.

You have worked with Arjun before. How much do you think has he evolved as an actor?

I am quite happy with his growth as an actor. He has a good level of concentration which is highly appreciable. Earlier he used to be restless, but now that has been controlled by him. He has matured and is doing good work. Since he plays a Marathi young man, his Hindi had to be perfect. When he was delivering the dialogues I found that he had practiced much and his pronunciation was perfect. I was impressed!!

Have you watched Arjun’s latest films?

I could not watch all his films, as my work and other assignments often keep me busy. But I have plans of watching Bawal.


So what are the other films that you have watched of Zee Bangla Cinema Originals?

I have watched Kader Kuler Bou, Onyo Bosonto, Ekti Bangali Bhooter Goppo.

What are the other projects that you are working on?

My film Agoon is ready for release this August. The film has Abir Chatterjee, Sayoni, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Indrasish, Gaurab, Ridhima in important roles. I love to break images and in this film I have broken the image of Abir Chatterjee.

The cliché question finally..What are your expectations from the film?

I want people to see the film and enjoy it. Only then will the hard work pay off…

The film premieres on 21st June, Sunday on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.


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