Shiraz Golden Restaurant presents new varieties of Haleem to celebrate the Ramadan season



Shiraz Golden Restaurant has arranged for a special Haleem festival for the people of Kolkata during this Ramadan season. The restaurant will be serving some of the finest Haleems from all over the world.

Haleem is a wholesome stew which is made with pieces of meat, lentils, wheat and spices. This has led to the evolution of Haleem all over the world.


Apart from the regular Gosht Shahi Haleem and Murgh Shahi Haleem, there are also some other kinds of Haleems available for the customers. Some of the other Haleems available include Chicken Irani Haleem, Mutton Irani Haleem, Chicken Hyderabadi Haleem and Mutton Hyderabadi Haleem.


A meal for two individuals will cost around Rs 300 inclusive of taxes. As a part of the Ramadan season, the customers will be given 400 ml Coke with an order of two portions of Haleem and 200ml Coke for those served in a platter.

The Haleem festival at Shiraz Golden Restaurant will continue till Eid. The timing for the festival is between 2pm to 6pm.

Make sure you head to the restaurant to experience the delicious taste of Haleem!!

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