New Bengali Film Review; A Fun-Filled Family Entertainer For The Lazy Monsoon Weekend


Premiere of New Bengali Film

Based on late Shailesh Guha Neogi’s stage play Boudir Biye, Director Raaj Mukherjee’s recently released film is the tale of five brothers. The younger brothers want their elder brother Yudisthir to get married. The lack of a woman in their household leads to much problems and troubles in their lives. However, the elder brother refuses to get married. As a result, the younger brothers start selecting girls suiting their nature. The brother who likes wrestling selects a wrestler, the one who likes to sing selects a singer and likewise. Yudisthir however announces one day that he is already married. The younger brothers are all shocked. How Yudisthir’s wife wins over the hearts of the younger brothers is what the film is all about.

Director Raaj Mukherjee’s Boudi.Com, though adapted from the stage play Boudir Biye will remind many of the Amitabh Bachchan- Hema Malini starrer Satte Pe Satta. In that film, the elder brother marries to bring a woman in their household and to restore normalcy in their lives. The same is the case with this film. However, it has to be highlighted that Raaj Mukherjee’s Boudi.Com is better directed than his last directed films namely Picnic, Life in Park Street. There is an element of humor in the film which is not slapstick and hence do not irk the viewers. The showcasing of the lives of the brothers which is in a mess also is practical. However, the director could have avoided the unnecessary songs and should have controlled the over acting by the cast.


Subhayu has composed the music of this film. The six songs in the film are nothing exceptional and it is unlikely you will remember them after you leave the hall. Irene Sarkar’s rendition of the Rabindrasangeet, Alo Amar Alo however is soothing and will stay with you.


Acting by the cast has its highs and lows. Saswata Chatterjee as Yudisthir and Rachana Banerjee as his wife are the two actors who shine out. They actually lend normalcy to the film’s acting department. The other actors were just hamming and were way too loud for comfort. Joy Badlani, Malobika Banerjee, Sumit Samadder, Kanchan Mullick and Samrat Mukherjee spoilt their parts with all tha over acting and that spoiled the fun of the film. Partha Sarathi as the servant of the five brothers was better than the others.


Boudi.Com makes for a one time watch. However if you have read the play, chances are you may not like the over the top acting in the film which often spoils the flow of the film.

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