Author Saikat Majumdar’s Latest Work of Fiction, ‘The Firebird’ now in Kolkata Book stores


English Novel The Firebird

Eminent writer Amit Chaudhuri released the book The Firebird at the South City Mall outlet of Starmark recently. The book has been penned down by Saikat Majumdar.


The book The Firebird is about ten year old Ori. For Ori, his mother’s life as a theatre actress holds as much fascination as it does fear. Approaching adolescence in an unstable home, he is haunted by her nightly stage appearances, and the suspicion and resentment her profession evokes in people around her, at home and among their neighbors. Ori is increasingly consumed by an obsessive hatred of the stage and is also irrevocably drawn into a pattern of behavior that can only have catastrophic consequences. Political, bullies, actors and actresses, hairdressers, set boys and backstage crew make up the world of The Firebird, a realistic exploration of a young boy stumbling into adult hood, far ahead of his years.


Saikat Majumdar teaches world literature at Stanford University. He grew up in Calcutta and graduated from St. Xavier’s College and Jadavpur University and received his doctorate in literature from Rutgers University. A novelist and critic, he is the author of three books and a wide range of essays and articles published in academic and mainstream venues. His novel, Silverfish was published in 2007 by HarperCollins to wide critical acclaim. His new novel, The Firebird has been excerpted in The Kenyon Review and World Literature Today. Saikat is currently working on a book titled The Amateur, a study of the literary public intellectual from the global British Empire as an amateur and autodidactic figure.


After the launch, the author, Saikat Majumdar engaged in a candid conversation with award-winning lyricist and writer Chandril, scholar Rosinka Chaudhuri, writer-editor Anjum Katyal on various aspects of his book. Reputed theatre personality Sohini Sengupta read excerpts from the book and kept the audiences entertained.

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