Audio Music Album of Upcoming Bengali Film Khelaghar Launched; Film releasing July 31


Upcoming Bengali Film Khelaghar Audio Music Album Launched

In the august presence of director Raaj Mukherjee, Pallavi Chatterjee, Krishna Kishore, Irene Sarkar, Pulokita Ghosh, Shakuntala Barua, Debasish Kumar and others, the music launch of the upcoming Bengali film Khelaghar took place.


The film Khelaghar is about Anindya and Malini, a childless couple. They live in Vishakhapatnam. Anindya is a professor while Malini is a housewife. Malini suspects Anindya of having affairs with his students whom he gives private tuitions. This leads to clashes between them. However when a girl named Tista comes for tuitions, Malini welcomes her with open hands. This surprises Anindya. One day Malini goes to stay at her mother’s house and does not return due to heavy rains. What happens that night between Tista and Anindya? What does Malini do next? The film answers all these questions.


“We all had a great time shooting the film. This is not a new unit for me; I have worked with this unit many times before. However the character of Malini is very challenging. Till date, I have done different roles but they have all bordered on being glamorous. But this is a different character and I am glad I have been chosen to play this role” said actress Pallavi Chatterjee.


The film has five songs and all of them are Rabindra Sangeet. Sraboni Sen, Irene Sarkar, Subhankar Bhaskar, Samudro Saikat have lent their voices to the songs in the film. Khelaghar badhte legechi, Bhalobashi Bhalobashi, E ki labonye, Tumi robe nirobe and Amaar e poth are the five Rabindra Sangeet used in the film.

Irene Sarkar sang a few lines of the song Bhalobashi Bhalobashi at the occasion and mesmerized the audiences.

The story of the film is by Biswanath Mukherjee. Pamela, Sudip Mukherjee will be seen in important roles in this upcoming Bengali film.

The film is eyeing for release on the 31st of July.

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