“Ginnie Zindabad”: 3D Animation Series on Zee Bangla; Already a hit with children



“Ginnie Zindabad” is the latest 3D animation series on Zee Bangla which showcases a story a day. The stories are on topics like aspirations , adventures  , joys , mischief , success , failures and subtle messages that help inculcate wisdom and moral values in children is a total environment 3D.


This is the first of its kind in Bengali Television not only in terms of being a 3D Animation series but also in terms of its originality of stories and fresh characters. The interesting fact is Voice Over’s are taken prior to the whole process as it is Lip Synced with the characters and not dubbed. Presently Ginnie Zindabad will have 52 episodes.

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Ginnie Zindabad is about Jule who lives in a picturesque little village. This docile little boy with large bright eyes and overgrown hair regularly gets into trouble with his strict parents and Monty, the bully at school. Jule’s pet dog Lobo and a girl Mithi are his closest friends.

At the extreme end of the village there is a bridge at the end of which is a dark cave which the village folk call “Jujur Guha” (demon’s cave). It is believed that whoever crosses the bridge never returns. In a state of dejection and fit of desperation, due to Monty’s tyranny, Jule crosses the bridge unconsciously one day. He encounters a colorful ball of mist that turns into a cute Ginnie at the warmth of human touch. Jule and Ginnie thus become friends and set out to share exciting adventures. Ginnie performs magic and helps Jule deal with Monty and sort out his troubled life.


Ginnie Zindabad began to be aired from 9th August onwards, every Sunday at 9.30 am on Zee Bangla.

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