New Bengali Film Ek Nadir Galpo Review; Bollywood Film Makdee actress Shweta Prasad all set to Woo the Bengali Audience with her Performance


The premiere of Late Samir Chanda’s film Ek Nadir Galpo took place at Nandan. Subhash Ghai, Leela Chanda (Late Samir Chanda’s wife), Krishnakishore Mukherjee, Shweta Prasad, Jisshu Sengupta were found present at the premiere show.

The story of the film Ek Nodir Galpo is about Darakeshwar and his daughter Anu. Anu is a motherless girl. Tragedy strikes Darakeshwar when his only daughter gets drowned in the Keleghai River. Darakeshwar then decides to rename the Keleghai River as Anjana after his daughter’s name. Is he successful in the attempt? The film showcases his struggle in the running time of two hours and four minutes.

The film is based on a story “Ekti Nodir Naam” written by the late author Sunil Gangopadhyay. Production designer (late)Samir Chanda who turned director with this film deserves praise for the way he handled the main story and adapted it into a feature film. The main crux of the story is about the human determination towards a cause, however crazy it may look and feel to the others. This context bears resemblance with Ketan Mehta’s soon to be released film Manjhi-The Mountain Man where Dasarath Manjhi too pursues a similar mission. He decides to cut a path through the mountain after his wife’s death from slipping off the mountain.

This film is not just a story about a father and a daughter. It delves deep into issues like man’s losing touch with Nature, the negligent administration and others. The river Kelaghai is not only the reason for death of villagers like Anu but also is a soothing agent for many people too. Darakeshwar finds the river as a symbol of his demised daughter. The river therefore has a metaphorical meaning in this film.

Music by Nachiketa Chakraborty helps in enhancing the feel of the film. It blends wonderfully with the grief of the father and his struggles to get the river named after his daughter.

Acting by the cast also has a vital role to play in making the film so touching. Mithun Chakraborty as Darakeshwar is mind blowing in this film. The way his body language and looks change after the death of his daughter will tug at your heart strings. His eyes showcase the grief that he felt within. Shweta Prasad is a natural actor and she breathes life into Anu. It is a pleasure to watch her onscreen. She exudes innocence and charm in the film. Jisshu Sengupta as the police officer, Krishnakishore Mukherjee as the DM, all do justice to the roles assigned to them.

Rajen C Kothari’s cinematography makes the film visually stunning and very appealing. The village, the river and the life at the village have all been captured wonderfully.

Ek Nadir Galpo may be a bit slow for a percentage of the audiences. But I assure you, have the patience to watch this slice of life. You will seriously like it!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating: 3/5

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