New Hindi Film Manjhi- The Mountain Man Review; Slow but Meaningful Cinema worth a Watch



How far would you go for the person you love? This could very well be the line which would sum up the essence of the film Manjhi-The Mountain Man. Directed by ace director Ketan Mehta, Manjhi- The Mountain Man is the story of Dasarath Manjhi and his wife Phaguniya. They fall in love and elope. However Phaguniya slips from the mountain when the couple was expecting their second child. Since they had no road through the mountain, they had to take a longer route to the nearby hospital. Phaguniya dies but the doctor saves the child. This makes Dasarath Manjhi revengeful. He decides to make a road though the mountain so that time is not lost in going to the nearby town and one can save lives of their near and dear ones. The film showcases his struggles and the pains he took to fulfill the promise that he made to his dead wife.

Director Ketan Mehta’s film Manjhi-The Mountain Man is a fitting tribute to the human will and determination. Cutting a way through the mountain with the help of a simple hammer and chisel is surely a story which will inspire and motivate many seated in the audience. The way the film unfolds will surely engage the audience in the life of Dasarath. The starting scene where Dasarath throws pebbles at the towering mountain will surely tug at the heart of the audience. Ketan Mehta however could have spent some time in developing the relationship between Dasarath and his children. That would have enhanced the film to another level altogether. Making a biopic is not easy. The director seemed to have mastered this art as Manjhi is a wonderful presentation of the life of a man who devoted his life to making a road through the mountain.

The dialogues are well written and have a satirical value to them. The social message that the director wanted to give is often stated with the help of the dialogues. This uplifts the mood of the film too.

The camera work in the film is also great. The scenes like cutting off his finger to avoid getting poisoned or his frantic search for water all show the struggles of the man with gusto.

Acting is the prized possession of the film. Nawazuddi Siddiqui as Dasarath breathes life in the character. His gait, style of talking all change as he ages over the passage of time!! He is surely an actor who can do any role with gusto. What could have become boring does not become so due to his acting and the taut script. Radhika Apte as Phaguniya does not have much to do in the film and she underplays her role very well. She could have worked a little more on her accent though. Timangshu Dhulia as the Mukhia and Pankaj Tripathi as the son of the landlord all do justice to their roles.

The pace of the film is one thing which the audiences may complain of. However, if Dasarath Manjhi could toil for so many years to keep his promise that he made to his wife, then the audience can surely keep their patience for a span of two hours. Manjhi-The Mountain Man deserves to be seen in this age of digital love when everything is too hasty. Underlying the human will, determination, social message, Manjhi-The Mountain Man is a beautiful love story of a husband and wife which surely deserves to be seen.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 3.5/5

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