Bengali band Chandrabindoo and Mir graces Fortis Hospital’s awareness campaign: ‘Attack the Attack’


Attack the Attack

Amidst the alarming growth of heart disease in our country and increasing number of heart attacks among the young and middle aged population, Fortis Hospital Anandapur, came up with “Attack the Attack” – an initiative to educate people to identify not only the early but also the right signs of Heart Attack and emergency measures one needs to take when a heart attack strikes. As a part of this initiative, an informative website and a downloadable book has been created to educate the mass on heart attacks, myths, do’s and don’ts and treatment.


As an integral part of the campaign, popular Bengali band Chandrabindoo has composed a song that talks of the life of an ordinary man with family and children and how he tackles the heart attack.


Recently at South City Mall, popular RJ and TV personality Mir joined Anindya, Upal, Chandril from ‘Chandrabindoo’ for an evening of community outreach program. “It is very important to identify when it is a heart attack and when it is not. Bengalis are foodies and for us gas has always been a problem and very commonly mistaken for a heart attack! Fortis is doing a great job of spreading this awareness amongst one and all and I congratulate them for that” quipped Mir.

With such an initiative taken up by Fortis Hospital and celebrities coming forward to extend their support, people will surely be enlightened about this life threatening disease for sure.

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