Director Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Tope shooting in Full Swing; Director Pawan Kanoria takes his Passion for Films a Step Further with this Film



Director Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s film Tope (The Bait) is currently being shot in different parts of Purulia. Film producer Pawan Kanoria has even turned actor with this film directed by the veteran director.

For Pawan Kanoria, movie making is not just a business, but a passion. Having been groomed by theatre stalwarts like Shyamanand Jalan, Ranjit Kapoor, Satyajit Dubey and Usha Ganguly, role play is a part of his existence. “I play Balai in this film. Balai is the man Friday for the king as well as his confidant and friend of sorts. He does everything the king asks to do, but is straightforward and speaks his mind out no matter what,” says Kanoria, after the first stint of shooting at Purulia.

Tope or THE BAIT, authored by Late Narayan Gangopadhyay is considered an all time outstanding short story of Bengali Literature. Eminent critics have rated it as one of the ten best short stories ever written in Bengali. The story has been translated to other Indian and foreign languages. The story, TOPE (The Bait) centers around Randeep Raj, a middle aged handsome man and a descendant of the royal family, and his quest to give a pair of shoes made of tiger skin to his lady love.


Kanoria actually began his acting career in class VIII when he played the hero in school drama ‘Prastab’ under the direction of Usha Ganguly. That was his first brush with acting. He joined Rangakarmi in 1977 and then Anamika Kala Sangam with Shyamanand Jalan. It was with this thespian of Hindi theatre that he produced his first Tele-series ‘Simana Chariye’ in 1988. Two years later he did his first movie Mon Mane Na with Prosenjit Chatterjee. He has launched Raima Sen, given break to directors like Inder Sen and Raj Mukherjee.

It will indeed be interesting to see how the film producer fares in his acting stint on the big screen.

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