New Zee Bangla Cinema Originals film Barood presents an Intense Romantic Drama



Zee Bangla Cinema Originals next film Barood which will be aired today is directed by Saumik Halder. The film is about Sudam Mudi Lane which had been transformed into a very shady place after the elections.  It had become a perpetual battlefield for warring leaders Shibu Das and Bijon Shom.  In order to uproot Shaon, right hand man of Shibu Das, Bijon Shom plants Roton in Shibu Das’ gang. Shaon does not take it that well. Even though Shaon would not hesitate twice before killing Roton, he cannot, as in hindsight he is aware that Roton was his elder sister JhumJhumi’s lover.  On the other hand, Bijon Shom keeps looking for every other chance to kill Shaon.


It is during this time that an IPS Officer named Shafique Tanveer gets killed by Bijon Shom while chasing Roton and Shaon. But most people know that it was actually Shaon who killed the officer. Amidst these troubled times, a well established and highly educated family rents a place at Sudam Mudi Lane.


Jui, daughter of that family is soft and innocent by nature.  But as it happens, this well behaved and educated girl falls in love with Shaon. This turns Shaon’s life upside down. He realizes that this life of political murders and unrest is not what he wants. He wants to lead a peaceful life with Jui, but knows it very well that Bijon Shom and Shibu Das won’t allow it. What happens next is what the film all about.

The cast of the film consists of Ritabhari, Mainak, Nina and Padmanavo.

Barood will be shown today at 3 pm and 9 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema. Do not miss it!!

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