COLORS Bangla Serial Meera is an Interesting Tale of Love and Sacrifice; Tollywood Hero Jeet turns Producer with this Serial



Traditionally, Meera yearned for a beloved that she never had the privilege of being with. COLORS Bangla brings you the 21st century Meera–the tale of a mature young woman who gets married to an Army Officer, but soon becomes a widow as her husband dies in the line of duty.

Donning the hat of a producer, this is Tollywood heartthrob Jeet Madnani’s dream project as a producer. With Jasmine Roy in the lead as Meera and Mainak Banerjee (of Borbad fame) as Probhoronjon, this saga of love and sacrifice premiered on Colors Bangla on 12th October, 2015 and airs every Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm.

Speaking about the show, actor and producer, Jeet said, “Meera is my dream project and with this launch I feel elated yet anxious at the same time. Every actor in the show has been carefully chosen for the character they will be portraying, making them the perfect fit as they play crucial roles in taking the storyline forward.”


Meera marries Probhoronjon, an Army Officer. When Meera gives birth to their daughter, her husband, posted in the Indian Army, can’t be by her side. Meera eagerly awaits his return but Probhoronjon dies on the battlefield.  Taking the most critical decision in her life, Meera shuns the look of a widow.

Soon, Meera meets Subhankar (played by Rehaan Roy), an ex-Army Officer who has a bitter relationship with his wife and is on the verge of divorce. Subhankar has a son Rik who grows an emotional bond with Meera while, at the same time, Meera’s daughter Mishti starts becoming emotionally dependent on Subhankar. The desires and wishes of the two children bring both Meera and Subhankar together. The story that follows is about this unusual relationship between Meera and Subhankar amidst opposition from several quarters.

Will Meera get the privilege of finally getting her ‘happily ever after’ with the person she loves or will she be deprived of her love like the traditional Meera? To know where the love story leads to, watch Meera every Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm only on Colors Bangla!!!

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