Tavolozza unveiled by artist Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya



Tavolozza, the canvas story was inaugurated in the presence of eminent artist Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya at Birla Academy of Art and Culture. Ms. Sonal Mandal, Chapter Chairperson, ALL State of West Bengal, Country Head Fisheries India was also present there.


Tavolozza art is about the contemporary art and contemporary women- her longings, her aspirations, her likings and her desires. She is multifaceted and multitalented. Her soul longs to soar above to break the glass ceilings all around her and at the same time she revels in her inner spirituality. Tavolozza is all about the women today. Its latest collection of art salutes her spirit.


Tavalozza founding trio, Sanjeeta Ahmed, Surabhi Agarwal and Richa Dalmia showcased their exquisite paintings at the show. Sanjeeta portrayed the freedom of unfettered soul through her collection “The Longing”. Surabhi explored music as the words of the soul, sound of feelings and freedom of expression through “Philomel – Sitar”. “Sands of Time” by Richa showcased that which is lost in the unstoppable sands of times, lives on in our memories.


Tavolozza therefore saluted the spirit of the women through art!

Priyanka Dutta

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