Short film Enlightened screened at 21st Kolkata International Film Festival



Short films have gained importance in recent times among the classes and masses alike. At the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival, many short films were shown to the audience. Many of them were from abroad while many presented were by Indian directors. One such film was “Enlightened” by director Chandan Dodo Ray (who is also a journalist with a reputed Bengali newspaper). This is his fifth short film.

The short film Enlightened is about a blind musician who shows compassion and respect towards every life he comes across. He does small acts of kindness for everyone in the society. Like many other individuals, he also has his own sufferings in life. These sufferings have made him enlightened.


The 6.34 minutes short film has no dialogues. Hence a massive support was required from the acting department who had to emote without the use of dialogues. The director Chandan Dodo Ray as the blind musician has done justice to the role. However why a blind musician will cook wearing a watch is beyond my level of understanding!! The director should have paid attention to this minute detail during the making. Suman Dey Sarkar, Subhajit Mondal, Bharga Prasad and the street children of Kolkata all have provided able support in carrying forth the message to the audience.

The story and screenplay is by Chandan Dodo Ray. Cinematographer Suman Dey Sarkar has shot the film well. Showing only the hands of the musician for depicting the fact that he cannot see is a smart way of presenting the fact. The cinematographer deserves appreciative claps for such matured handling of the camera.


 The editing by Bharga Prasad gives the film the much needed precision required. The music of the film is by Chandan Dodo Ray while the art and styling has been done by Aryama Mukherjee. Subhojit Mondal is the assistant director of this film.

Enlightened is a good effort by Chandan Dodo Ray and his new and young energetic team!! Best of Luck!!

Priyanka Dutta

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