Kolkata Dance Institute Baguihati Nrityangan’s Ananya Sanskritik Sandhya Honors Eminent Artists


Kolkata Cultural Evening Ananya Sanskritik Sandhya

A cultural evening titled Ananya Sanskritik Sandhya was organized by Baguihati Nrityangan at Rabindra Bhawan recently. The event saw the presence of eminent personalities like actor Kaushik Sen, Soumily Biswas, Sraboni Sen, Sreelekha Mukherjee and others.


Ananya Sanskritik Sandhya’s inauguration was done by eminent dancer Sreelekha Mukherjee. The dance performances had been conceptualized by Joyeeta Biswas. The stage setup was done by Subol Saha, lighting by Uttiyo Jana and the sound arrangements were handled by Hasi Panchal. Madhumita Basu and Koushik Banerjee anchored the complete show.


The opening dance of this evening was Durgastuti. This was followed by Kishalay which was a dance performance based on the songs and poems of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam. A dance drama Swapne dekha sei desh, based on a fairy tale was the next presentation. Patriotic songs written by Tagore were the last presentation of the evening.


Speaking at the occasion, actor Kaushik Sen said “It is very essential to have such an institution. You may ask what is so special about this institution from the other institutions in the city. My answer is that in this troubled time that the children are growing up in, it is important to have such institutions where their creative ability is nurtured. Or else their soft mind and heart will be hampered by the violence prevalent outside”.


Baguihati Nrityangan honors eminent personalities every year for their contribution in their respective fields. This year the honor was bestowed on Kaushik Sen, Soumily Biswas, Sreelekha Mukherjee, Sraboni Sen, Aakriya Atulprasad and Rathindramohan Bandopadhyay.


Soumily Biswas, a dance exponent expressed her gratitude on being called at the event and bestowed with the honor. She said “Let the children learn dance or any art forms along with their studies. Or else they will be robbed of the simple pleasures of childhood. This will give them respite from the pressures of studies and also help them to develop their creative bent of mind”.

Ananya Sanskritik Sandhya was full of dance and entertainment for the assembled audience who reveled in the great performances put up by the children of this dance institution.

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