Elocutionist Nivedita ‘s Album of Poems “Kobitay Sketch” Launched



“One can paint not only with colors, but also with words. That is the very reason why I chose to name this recitation album Kobitay Sketch. The poems that we recite create an impression on our minds. We do a sketch in our mind by listening to the poems. Therefore words can also be used for sketching an image in the minds of the audience” said Nivedita at the launch of her album of poems Kobitay Sketch. The release ceremony also saw the presence of eminent personalities like Bratati Bandopadhyay, Apurba Dutta, Ramchandra Pal, Debasish Chakraborty and others.


The twenty two poems included in this album are of various moods and events. The poems have been randomly selected by the elocutionist based on her personal likings. Poems written by Rabindranath Tagore, Tasleema Nasreen, Srijato, Joy Goswami, Shakti Chattopadhyay, Josodhora Raychowdhury, Mallika Sengupta and others have been included in this album.


“It takes immense courage to bring out an album in this time and age when buying of CD’s is gradually on the decline. I must congratulate Nivedita for her attempt and hope that she will continue with her dedication towards elocution in the near future too” said Bratati Bandopadhyay.

When questioned whether music should accompany recitation of poems, Nivedita said “This is a debatable issue. However I feel that if music enhances the recitation one can use it. However it must not overpower the recitation done by the artist. A balance needs to be achieved”.

The CD is brought out by Cozmik Harmony and is priced at Rs 100.

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