New Bengali Children’s Film Buddhu Bhutum is an Interesting Venture for Children; Story based on a tale from Thakurmar Jhuli


New Children’s Bengali Film Buddhu Bhuttum

“Whenever I see films like the Harry Potter series, Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland and several other such international films, I always feel that we should also make such things for the children of our country. We do not have shortage of literary resources for children. We just need to take the initiative to make such a film. This is the reason why I have undertaken this daring initiative of making this film Buddhu Bhutum based on a story from Thakurmar Jhuli” said ace director Nitish Roy at the announcement press conference of the film.


Apart from director Nitish Roy, Locket Chatterjee, Koneenica, Manali, Bihu Mukherjee, Gautam Halder were also present at the press conference.

The story of Buddhu Bhutum revolves around Biratgarh. The King had three queens but no children. The youngest queen saw the King insulted by a commoner. She then set out to find a cure for their infertility. She finds an old Druid who gives her the medicine. She returns back home with the medicine. In the meantime conspiracy hatches in the palace. The eldest queen who is actually an evil dragon is jealous of the youngest queen. The three queens get pregnant. The eldest queen administers poison to the youngest queen who gives birth to a child who is half man and half monkey. The king unwillingly deports the youngest queen somewhere far from the kingdom. The second queen accompanies her. Their children Buddhu and Bhutum are brought up together. How they save the kingdom from the dragons and manage to defeat them is what the story all about.


The script and dialogue of this film is by Kaushik Bandopadhyaya. The DOP is Mrinmoy Mondal while the art director is Amit Chatterjee. Surajit Chatterjee will be handling the music department of this film.

“Graphics is an important part of this film. The film will be shot on chroma and later the background will be added as per the need of the scene. Studio 15 is handling the graphics department” added the director.


The cast of this upcoming Bengali film consists of Kaushik Chakraborty (King of Biratgarh), Kharaj Mukherjee (Minister of Biratgarh), Gautam Halder (General of Biratgarh), Locket Chatterjee (1st queen), Koneenica (2nd queen), Debleena Kumar (3rd queen), Bihu Mukherjee (Prince Bishal), Sujoy (Monkey prince) and Manali (Princess Bhutum).

Developed by Big Boot Game and designed by Nitish Roy, a game series on Buddhu Bhutum will also be made available for the children. “This is indeed a great step. For children of today’s generation, the games are also confined to characters inspired from stories abroad. With this game, the children will be exposed to the tales that we have grown up reading” said actress Koneenica.

The shooting of the film will start soon.

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