Short film Sex Factor focuses on life of Gigolos; A Realistic Tale of the Male Escorts by Director Anirban Chakraborty



Gigolos or male escorts can be found in many parts of the city. Yet finding a male escort is not so easy which makes it even more challenging to do research on them or make any films and documentaries on them. Director Anirban Chakraborty’s short film, Sex Factor deals with the angst and pains that the gigolos suffer in their day to day lives.


Ratul works in an IT firm and lives with his wife Sreya. His wife Sreya is not aware of the fact that he works as a male escort too. Ratul fears his wife and in order to make both ends meet is engaged in this activity. He goes to meet a client Mrs. Mukherjee. However he is shocked to find that the lady has booked him for her daughter Rini. Will Ratul be able to continue with this strange profession and carry on with his domestic life in harmony? Or will he be faced with some dire truth that will turn his world upside down?

Speaking about the storyline, Amlan Majumdar said “I read a story in a newspaper about gigolos and became interested in their lives. I researched about them and even cajoled one gigolo to meet me for the script. After meeting them I realized that it is not only about sex, but the consequences that they have to face is what is gruesome”.


The story and dialogues are by Amlan Majumdar and the film is produced by Seven Star Communication. Biman Biswas is handling the makeup department while the costume is by Style and fashion.

Director Anirban Chakraborty said “Short film is the call of the day. With people having less time to go to halls and watch films, viewing a short film on the smart phone or tablets is very easy. Hence, we thought of making the short film on a topic which is not only interesting but also relevant in today’s time”.

Rik is playing the character of Ratul, Durga Satra is playing Sreya while Sumedha Dutta will be seen as Rini in the upcoming Bengali short film.

The twelve minute long film will be sent to film festivals at both the National and the International level. Sex Factor is eyeing for release in the month of March.

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