New Aakash Aath show Parody Paraaye Bawali Gaan Endeavors to bring back the Tradition of Parody Songs



The latest offering from Aakash Aath is a non-fiction comedy based musical show titled parody Paraaye Bawali Gaan. Anchored by Biswanath Basu, with co – Anchors Deep and Papiya, the trio will bring back the tradition of parody songs.

Speaking about the show, director Supriyo Ghosh said “This is a unique endeavor on our part. This is unconventional as this is not the typical music show or comedy show. The concept is that of the Para where Parody Kartik along with Ghonte and Phuli takes up new topics and tries to sing parody songs about the issue”.

Singers like Neepobithi Ghosh, Sourav Das, Aritra Dasgupta, Ahenjita, Rahul Deb and Ankita Roy will be present in the episodes to perform these parody songs. Eight to nine such songs will be performed in every episode. The music of the show has been composed by Debjit. Sample parody song is “O godi re” which is based on the song “O nodi re”.

“We have selected popular songs so that the audiences will be able to relate easily with them. The singers have also been selected according to their singing abilities and their voice which will suit the needs of a particular song” said music composer Debjit. Naren Bhattacharya has written the lyrics of the parody songs.


Biswanath Basu who plays the role of Parody Kartik said “I was looking for some light television assignments which will give me time so that I will be able to complete my film assignments. This is a new concept and when I listened to the concept, I was attracted to it. I have never seen a parody show before on television. I hope the audience will like this idea”.

The new non-fiction comedy show will be aired from 11th January onwards on Aakash Aath from Monday to Wednesday at 9.30 pm.

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