New Colors Bangla Serial Sohagi Sindoor is a New Tale of Love and Revenge; Starts January 18



New Colors Bangla serial Sohagi Sindoor is a tale of love and revenge. The story is about Sohag who is from an educated and cultured family. She wanted to be a lawyer like her father. However their financial constraints do not allow her to fulfill her wishes. The Dutta clan on the other hand is just opposite to this family. They are immoral and unlawful. The clan is headed by Ambika with her son Deepto by her side. In a twist of fate Deepto and Sohag end up marrying each other. Will love ever bloom in their lives?


“Sohagi Sindoor is not the typical romantic love story. The serial shows a matriarchal family headed by Ambika which is a contrast to the prevalent patriarchal society that we live in. My character has some special supernatural powers due to which the family members respect me. However Ambika is fond of her sons and depends on them” said actress Mallika Ghosh.

Souptik who plays Deepto said “He is arrogant. That is the first impression that you will have about him. But he is soft at heart. There are two shades to the character which lends a certain charm to him”.


The Dutta family is devotees of Ma Kali while Sohag’s family is Baishnab. “We are cultured and sophisticated as opposed to the Dutta clan. They have more money but their choice is very crude. This one can understand by looking at the way they dress. Their dressing sense is inspired by the Bollywood films and is so loud and over the top” revealed Biplab Banerjee who plays Purnendu in the serial.

Ronita plays the bubbly, intelligent girl named Sohag in this serial. “She bonds well with her brother and is close to her parents. She protests against injustice and this is a cause of concern for her parents. The fun is the first time she meets Deepto, they start quarrelling. Slowly the love story develops though” said the pretty actress with a smile.


Pradip Chakraborty (Anondomoy Dutta), Koushik Banerjee (Sudhamoy), Mallika Ghosh (Ambika), Debraj Mukherjee (Sukhomoy), Abanti Dutta (Mukta), Animesh Bhaduri (Shuddho), Souptik Chakraborty (Dipto), Ronita Das (Sohag), Biplab Banerjee (Purnendu), Reshmi Sen (Aloka), Aniket (Parag) will be seen essaying out the various characters in this serial.

Ambika’s husband will be revealed later in the serial. That will be an interesting twist to the serial, revealed the makers of Sohagi Sindoor. Actress Rupsa will also be seen playing an interesting character.

The new serial Sohagi Sindoor will be aired from 18th January every Monday to Saturday at 10pm only on Colors Bangla!!

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