Interview: Actor Sankar Chakraborty on his Debut Film Jenana, Working Chemistry with Actor Saswata Chatterjee and More; Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive


sankar-chakraborty-interviewWith a background in theatre and after having done a couple of mega-serials, actor Sankar Chakraborty will be making his debut in the role of Jenana in the upcoming Bengali film Jenana directed by Barshali Chatterjee. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actor in an exclusive conversation at the music launch of the film.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Congrats on making your debut in Bengali films!! You and Barshali both are making your debut with this film. How does it feel?

Sankar Chakraborty- Well, this is indeed a great feeling. After getting bored of doing the mega-serials at a stretch, Barshali’s offer was like a ray of hope in my life and helped me to overcome this boredom. I am thankful to her as she considered me for this wonderfully challenging role in her debut film. There is an inborn flair of “directing a film” in Barshali and one will not be able to say that this is her debut film. When I was doing mega-serials, she also used to work as assistant director in the serials. The way she directed the film by sometimes scolding us and sometimes making us narrate scenes with great flair, only proves that Barshali will surely make a name for herself with this film.


So, tell us something about the character you play in this film Jenana.

Sankar Chakraborty- I play the character of Somu, who works in a brick manufacturing factory. However, due to financial constraints he becomes a Jenana and takes up the name of Sumona. There comes a time in his life when his wife dies but still he is not able to leave this job. Money mattered to him and hence he continued his role as the Jenana.

What research did you do to play this role of the Jenana in this film?

Sankar Chakraborty- To be very frank, I have done quite similar roles on the stage. However this is my first stint in front of the camera in this role. I had to devote fifteen to twenty days to actually learn the Jenana dancing style and also the way they walked and talked. I am thankful to Sitala Ma who taught me all these small things. Without Sitala Ma, as Barshali would also agree, we would not be able to do anything.


How was the experience of working with Saswata Chatterjee?

Sankar Chakraborty- Well Apu da is a great human being. He can mix with anyone. Whether he does one scene or many scenes, he steals the show whenever he faces the camera. Let the film release, the audiences will understand why I am saying this.

Music is important to any film. What is your take on the music of this film?

Sankar Chakraborty- Absolutely music plays an important role in this film. The music by Debojyoti Misra is so realistic and lively that during the shoots we did not feel that we were shooting. It felt so real. The music is very apt and suits the film extremely well.


There are always expectations revolving around a film. What are your expectations, more so because this is your debut film?

Sankar Chakraborty- The story, the way Barshali has directed the film and all our efforts put together will surely go a long way in making the film a big hit. Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the audiences will appreciate the effort!!

Jenana is slated for release on the 11th of March!! We wish Sankar Chakraborty loads of luck for his debut film.



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