Interesting New Rice Dishes at the Kolkata GT Route Restaurant’s The Great Harvest Festival for the Food Lovers



What are the most popular dishes of rice that you can come up with? Steamed rice, pulao or Biryanis will feature on your list. But there are a lot more on offer from The GT Route restaurant which had come up with amazing rice recipes to offer to the foodies. The festival has been named “The Great Harvest Festival”.


Speaking about the festival, Chef Rupam Banik said “Rice is the staple food for a majority of the people living in South East Asia. But whenever we think of rice recipes, our thoughts are confined to either Khichdi, pulao, Biryani or steamed rice. But rice can be cooked and prepared in many other ways too. With this festival, we will be treating the customers to many untried rice recipes”.


Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes have been included in this festival. Some of the recipes include Karara Chawal Kebab (shallow fried rice cake served with tamarind sauce), Masaledar Kathal Pulao (Jack fruit and rice cooked with traditional Oudhi herb and spice served with fresh coriander and dry chilli kadhi), Bag-e-Bahar Khichdi (Rice lentil and vegetable cooked together served with pickle, crispy fried potato and papad), Shahi Soya Biryani (Saffron scented soya nugget biryani served with yoghurt cucumber), Prawn Wild Rice Conjee (Wild rice and prawn thick soup served with yoghurt cucumber) and others.


Zarda Pulao (Traditional mixed dry fruits sweet pulao) have been kept in the desserts section.

A meal for two will cost Rs 650 plus taxes and will be available for lunch (12pm to 4pm) and dinner (7pm to 11.30pm).

Beginning from 5th of March, the festival will end on the 20th of March.

Priyanka Dutta

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