Upcoming Bengali film Guha Manob Shooting Continues; Film Based on Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s Story



“The heat is oppressive at this time of the year. God knows how we are going to continue with the shoot” said actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty at the shooting of the film Guha Manob. Directed by Paramita Munsi, the film is based on a story by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay by the same name.


Director Paramita Munsi in between the shots said “Today we are shooting those scenes where we will be showing how the daughter-in-law understands that the man of her fantasy is her father-in-law. This is the main crux of the story and hence we are completing these scenes today”.


Neel Mukherjee plays the role of Batakrishna Roy’s son Saju in the film. “I have worked with Paramita before and she is very organized in whatever she does. The character that I play is Saju who is the son of Batakrishna Roy. He is an IPS officer by profession. Due to his mother’s last wish, he gets married quickly. His life changes suddenly as he is suddenly married off. This is an interesting character and I am having a good time shooting the film”.


Kanchana Moitra will be seen in the role of Pinky in Guha Manob. “My character Pinky gets off married suddenly to Saju. This has a great change in her life. Both she and her husband try to adapt to these changes. In the meanwhile Pinky starts fantasizing about a man. It is later that she understands that the man she fantasizes is no one other than his father-in-law. The situation becomes complicated therefore. Hence I am having a great time doing this role” said the actress.

Pallabi Chatterjee, Nandini Chatterjee will be seen in important roles in this film. The music of the film is by Kabir Suman. The film will be shot in different parts of the city like Dhakuria Lake, different shopping malls, Presidency College and other such places. There will be also some outdoor shooting done in North Bengal too.

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