Interview: Colors Bangla Serial Nagleela’s Ganga, Shreemaa Bhattacharjee on Bagging such an Important Role and Managing Studies with Work



She is bubbly, energetic and full of life. She plays the role of Ganga in the Colors Bangla show Nagleela. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with actress Shreemaa Bhattacharjee who is making her debut with this serial on Bengali television. Read on to know what the budding actress said in the conversation..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- So this is your first show on Bengali television. How did you bag this role of Ganga?

Shreemaa- I actually auditioned for the role and was told that the selected candidates will be called in for a workshop. The candidates who will perform the best will finally do the role. I got a call then asking me to come to the studios the next day. I was thinking why I was called. However, I went and found Sauriti di doing the makeup. She came and sat beside me and asked me to get my makeup done. I was surprised as to why do I need to put on the makeup? She then revealed that I will have to shoot for the promo. I was literally shocked and my joy knew no bounds. I have bagged a role in a serial produced under Venkatesh films. Oh My God!!


Sounds interesting!! So tell us something about the character of Ganga..

Shreemaa- I am a Shiva devotee and I worship him day and night. The kingdom that I stay in does not allow the worship of Shiva. But I disobey the rule and I am hugely devoted to Lord Shiva. He is like a companion to me.

How did you prepare yourself for the role?

Shreemaa- The workshop that was conducted helped me immensely in understanding the character very much. What she likes, how she carries herself is what I understood in the course of the workshop. This has enabled me to understand and make this character mine. The language is also different and that is difficult. But everyone has been helping me very much.

You have tattoos all over your hand. Your costume is a bit different too. How much time do you have to spend on getting decked up as Ganga?

Shreemaa- It takes a lot of time to get the tattoo done and dry it up. I have to come early and get the tattoo done. This is adding a new dimension to the costume, which is different too. One hindrance is that often due to the heat, the tattoo gets erased and we have to do it all again, which is a tedious process. But I am enjoying the process. I am superbly excited!!


How are you balancing work and studies?

Shreemaa- I am doing Journalism Honors from Baghbazar Women’s College pursuing my first year. Whenever I have to go to college for my classes, I am given the leave. The whole unit is very supportive and though it is hard I am trying to balance both study and work.

How has your family members reacted to your bagging such a role in a big project like Nagleela?

Shreemaa- Well, they are all very excited. My parents have always wanted me to follow the path which I like and where I will be able to make a name for myself. They are happy that I have finally begun my journey in the field I like. My brother is equally excited as I am. He wakes me up whenever I have to go for shoots and I am unable to get up. I am lucky to have a brother like him.

Did you have any prior acting knowledge?

Shreemaa- No, I have no acting knowledge. I just did a few stage plays in school just like every other student. However, I have done some modeling assignments like I walked the ramp for Lakme and Avon.

You are pursuing Journalism. So do you have plans to become a reporter or have you given that up now that you have become an actress?

Shreemaa- I always had the aim of becoming a news reader since childhood. Acting happened just by chance. I believe in destiny. Let’s see where destiny takes me. However, I will continue my studies along with acting. I used to read out news from newspapers and make my mother listen to them. I also used to stand in front of the mirror and speak lines from films. My mother often used to ask me what I wanted to become. I was predestined for this, I suppose (laughs out loud).

The budding and beautiful actress is well set on making a name in whatever she does. We wish she fulfills her dream!!



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