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Special occasions always call for something special and exceptional. Cakes are no longer limited to birthday celebrations only. Individuals now order for cakes to celebrate their wedding anniversary, success at work, Valentine’s Day cup cake, baby shower and other such occasions. With the change in customer needs, there is a growing demand for customized designer cakes. To cater to this need of the customers, Design My Cake has come up with some amazing designer cakes to suit the needs of the people.


Design My Cake’s handcrafted products are delivered right at your doorstep without you having to undergo any hassle of carrying the cake to the party. Their designer cakes are a beautiful combination of flavour and style. They offer a wide array of flavour and filling choices, and all their flowers and decorations are handmade and custom coloured to match your vision.


Available in a variety of flavours and fillings , dietary restrictions are also taken into consideration while preparing your dream desserts with options for both sugar-free and egg-less cakes.

At Design My Cake, the best of eastern and western designs with moulded characters is done to create a one of a kind masterpiece with a great taste and texture.

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