Tollywood Celebrities on the Beautiful Young Actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s Untimely Death



The death of the twenty four year old television actress Pratyusha Banerjee (Balika Badhu fame) has sparked up many issues in the minds of the people and the celebrities alike. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the Tollywood celebrities who shared their views on depression and the waste of life at the untimely demise of the bright actress.


Gargi Roy Chowdhury– I did not know her personally but her death is a waste of a bright life. I am not seeing her as an actress rather I will be taking her as a twenty four year old lady who could have achieved so much in her life. Depression is very common in not only our profession but in any other profession as well. Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra has also battled depression. Handling depression is an art. We must all know how to handle it. May her soul rest in peace!!


Abhijit Guha- What happens when you get success in your younger days is that you cannot handle it. That goes to your head. However the main thing that all must keep in mind is failure and success are two faces of the same coin. Hence, even if you have achieved success at a young age, one must be grounded so as to avoid depression.


Sudeshna Roy- This is indeed a sad an unfortunate event. What a waste of life and talent!! When one gets success in this field, they feel that their next project will be as successful as their first project. But that is often not the issue. This has happened with many big stars too who have tasted success with a film and their next five films may not have done so well. It is in such situations that supportive friends and family members play a very important role. The friends can keep the person rooted to reality and the family members can calm their distressed minds. Maybe Pratyusha lacked one or the other. Whatever may be the issue this is a very sad event.


Indrani Halder- After the serial Maryada ended, I had to sit idle for five months doing nothing. That period made me so distressed. I used to roam around alone and watch films. I also used to go around window shopping in Lokhandwala too. This is indeed a sad incident.


Koneenica- In our profession, often we have loads of work and at times we have no work at all. We must have caring family members and friends to back you at such times. Their help and care is like a balm. Pratyusha’s death is very saddening. Maybe she didn’t have one or the other support which is why it led to such a sad ending of a bright life.


Churni Ganguly- Life is never so smooth. There will be hurdles and difficulties. Even in the face of such problems, you will have to keep your zest for work alive. One must not give in to depression and other negative feelings.

The loss of a bright life like Pratyusha is very disheartening. So if you are suffering from depression, meditate, talk with friends or family members, do something which you like and keep yourself positively charged. Do not give way to depression.

May Pratyusha’s soul rest in peace and her family members have enough courage to face this tragedy!!

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