Poila Baisakh menu “Eso hey Boisakh” at Goldbrick Restaurant



A spread of mouthwatering Bengali delicacies is on offer at Goldbrick Restaurant on the occasion of the Bengali New Year Day. Individuals who want to indulge in Bengali delicacies on this special day, can head to this restaurant for such great dishes.


The names of the dishes are interesting as they are all names of Bengali films. The welcome drink has been named Pather Pachali. The starters have been named Ghare Baire and Parash Pathar. Some of the other dishes available include Gopi Gyne bagha Byne, Amar sathi Doi Katla, Sukhno Lonka murgir jhol and others.


Customers will be getting movie tickets when they will be ordering this special Poila Baisakh menu at the restaurant. The movie ticket will be valid from 22nd April to 22nd May.


This special menu will be on offer on 14th April. Lunch will be available from 12 to 3.30 pm and dinner will be served from 7 to 11.30 pm. The price per individual is Rs 799 all inclusive.

Great food and the movie voucher are surely going to make your Poila Baisakh very special!!

Priyanka Dutta

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