Interview- Kailash Kher on his New Music Album Ishq Anokha, Upcoming Bollywood Projects and More (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)



Kailash Kher who has been mesmerizing us with his soulful voice for many years was recently in the city for the promotion of his album Ishq Anokha. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the singer in an exclusive chat about this new album, Bollywood ventures and other aspects…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- After the release of the album Rangelee, you took nearly three years to bring out this album. What took you so long?

Kailash Kher- Well this three year gap is allowed in love! I wanted to give my fans a love album which will touch their soul. And hence I took the time to make an album of love songs which will have different aspects of love. Love is multifarious in nature. Extreme exaggerations are allowed in love. Hence, it demanded this much time so that I could bring in different aspects in my songs. Now-a-days love songs albums can be found easily in the market. Everyone is composing one. I wanted mine to be different. Hence, I took the time.


Tell us something about the album, Ishq Anokha……

Kailash Kher- There are eight love songs in the album. There is a certain thought process which is behind every song that I have kept in this album. The way I see life has been showcased with the help of these songs. Ishq Anokha describes the intensity of being in love.

Kailash Kher is synonymous with Sufi music. What elements of Sufi music will we get to see in this album?

Kailash Kher- Firstly it is important to clear our idea about Sufi. This became prevalent about 600-700 years ago. During the time of the Mughals whenever some Guru of any religion used to say something good, they used to tell it orally or write it down for their followers. Hence every religion says do good and the result will also be good. This is the basic essence of the Sufi thoughts. Purity of thoughts and emotions!! Such elements can be found in my love songs in this album too.

In Ishq Anokha, you have used the Saxophone. What led you to experiment with this instrument which is commonly identified with Western music?

Kailash Kher- Well, we all try something new or else we tend to become boring. Hence, this prompted me to actually try this new instrument which I have never used before in the songs.


What is your take on the future of Indian folk music and what steps are you personally taking to hold on to the traditional sounds?

Kailash Kher- Who am I to tell the future of my parents? I cannot simply tell that the future of my family will be this or that in the long run. I am here because of them. Similarly, folk music is like my family. What can I say or rather predict about its future? If I am known today for my singing abilities and if I have achieved a little bit of success, it is because of my roots which lies in folk music. I will not be able to survive without folk music.

What is next in line for you?

Kailash Kher- Well, I will be going on a tour to U.S.A and Canada next for Ishq Anokha and then I also have Sa Re Ga Ma Pa global. It is a great thing that a company like Saregama which has such a huge repository of good music is based in this city of Kolkata. A few Bollywood projects are also in the pipeline. I do not wish to reveal their names now.

However, I will take this opportunity to add that Bahubaali and Dum Laga ke Haisa have been so well received by the audience and they have also won National Awards too and I am really happy about that.

What advice will you like to give to budding singers?

Kailash Kher- What advice will I give them?… (laughs) However, I feel that perseverance and good practice is extremely necessary to make a mark in the field of music.

You have acted as the judge of many reality singing shows. Do you think this really gives the singers a platform?

Kailash Kher- Reality shows are a good way for the budding new singers to showcase their talent. But I will like to add that like while cooking you add many spices to make the complete dish, similarly, reality shows is just one of the many spices. You have to work hard and practice daily so as to achieve something in music.

You have worked as a music director in quite a few films. When can we get to hear your composition as a music director in a Bengali film?

Kailash Kher- As a music director, I have worked in not many films as you know. I am more into singing and more so singing in stage shows. The tragedy of the modern day audience is that they think that film music is the only music. But that is not the case. Hence, I do more stage shows and sing the non-filmy songs so as to make them aware of the other songs which composers do compose. I feel it is necessary for artists to do more stage shows and increase the awareness among the audiences.

Many singers are also trying their luck in the field of acting. Do you have any such plans?

Kailash Kher- (winks) Not really. I hardly have any good plans. I only have mischievous plans!!

We hope that his iconic presence in the world of music continues to grow stronger with every passing. All the best Kailash ji!!


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