Interview: Actress Tanima Sen on Playing the Young at Heart Grandmom Ratnaboli in New Zee Bangla Serial Premer Phade



Tanima Sen is an actress who has been mesmerizing the audiences with her roles in many serials. The actress will now be seen playing the role of Ratnaboli in the Zee Bangla serial Premer Phade. Check out what the feisty actress had to say about playing Ratnaboli….

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You play the role of the grandmother Ratnaboli. Can you tell us something about the character?

Tanima Sen- Ratnaboli is not the typical grandmother whom you will see in the other serials. Despite her age, she is full of life. She is playing carom, at times she is busy taking selfies. She is an active soul who despite her leg pain goes on around the house like a youngster. She is the senior member of the family and yet she is so young at heart.

Montu, the servant of the house is also not spared by me. I scold him and ask him to play carom with me. I do this because I know if he plays with me, I will be able to cheat and win the game. Ratnaboli is a fun character.

How is your relation with your daughter-in-laws? Are you the typical mother-in-law whom we frequently see in the other daily soaps?

Tanima Sen- No, there is no resemblance at all. I have two daughter-in-laws namely Sreemoyee and Siuli. The elder daughter-in-law Sreemoyee is of a quiet nature. The other daughter-in-law is very quick with words. In one scene I tell Siuli that you sprained your ankle and yet you keep talking.


So is Ratnaboli tech-savvy too?

Tanima Sen- Absolutely!! The moment a new thing comes in the house, she is the first person to pounce upon it and use it. When her grandsons or grand-daughters take her picture and upload them on a social networking site, they tell her that the picture will get likes from people. She later asks them how many men have liked the picture (laughs out loud).

A smart phone is presented to one of my grand children by their uncle. Many protest that why a smart phone need to be gifted to the person. But I am very happy. I ask them to teach me the functions so that I can operate and use them.

Does Ratnaboli have shades in the character?

Tanima Sen- She may look all fun but even she has shades. I did a scene where I scolded everyone and all became quiet. Ratnaboli is fun but she is respected by everyone in her family. She never goes overboard in any action that she does. She is restrained but funny.


Is Ratnaboli fashion conscious?

Tanima Sen- From the scenes I have done till now, it turns out that she is indeed very fashion conscious. She has cropped hair in contrast to her daughter-in-laws who have long hair and dress up traditionally. She keeps pace with the younger generation and also updates herself about makeup tips.

With this character of Ratnaboli, do you want to give a message to the audience?

Tanima Sen- The character of Ratnaboli receives respect from all the family members yet she is so cordial. The message that I want to give to the audience is that one should not treat their daughter-in-laws as their rivals. Instead they should be friendly with them. This is the change that I want to bring in the society with this character. I hear changes are happening but I have not seen any such changes in the people around me. The serial is made by Ravi Ojha Productions and will be aired on Zee Bangla. Hence this will be watched by a huge number of people. So spreading such good messages can be done with this character and bring about changes in society.

With this came the call for the next shot bringing our conversation to an end…

We sincerely hope that the character of Ratnaboli is able to bring about the change in the society that the actress hopes for!!



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