Audio Music Album of Upcoming Bengali Film Postmaster Launched



The music launch of debutant director Srijon Bardhan’s film Postmaster took place recently. The launch event was graced with the presence of director Abhijit Guha, Pujarini Ghosh, Ishaan Mazumdar, Anwesha and others.


“The music that the Bengali film watching audience has been listening to for the past few years, will find my film’s music as very fresh. I have used two Tagore songs in the film namely Tomai gaan shonabo and Dui hridoyer nodi. I did a lot of research on the less heard of Tagore song Dui hridoyer nodi. An unpublished poem of Tagore has also been given the form of a song in the film. There is a folk song too. The songs in the film are linked integrally to the film. They help in depicting multiple scenes in the film. You miss a song and you lose out on many scenes. For many years, this kind of music has not happened in Bengali films. Anwesha, Malobika Brahma, Dibakar Das Baul and even I have sung in this film” revealed the music director and the director of the film Srijon Bardhan.


Pujarini Ghosh plays the role of Ratna while Ishaan plays the role of Nanda Sen, the postmaster in the film. The film which had been shown at the Delhi Film Festival has garnered great feedback from both the national and the international audience.

The tentative release date of the film has been slated for 13th May.

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