Director Suman Ghosh’s Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Mi Amor’; The First Full Length Bengali Film for an Exclusive Online Premiere



Making a film is half the job done. The job is completed when the movie is released and the cost is recovered. But a sizable number of movies released often do not recover the cost incurred in the making of the film. This has increased due to the effect of piracy in films. Keeping all these issues in mind,  Macneill Engineering Ltd. has taken the initiative to produce and present Mi Amor (My Love), the first full length Bengali movie to be premiered online exclusively at


MEL is producing this movie in collaboration with University of Miami, School of Communication’s Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, Ghosal Media and Entertainment, LLC., of Florida and Nexval, Inc. of Florida.

“If we can make this venture successful it will be the beginning of a new era. We will be able to reduce the cost of making films and it will inspire many more to come and produce quality Bengali movies. The industry will not see movies getting stuck and audience will get the chance of witnessing good cinema from the comfort of their homes,” said Mr Pradip Churiwal, Director, MEL.

Mi Amor is a love story in changing times where the two pivotal characters are played by Parambrata Chatterjee (Riju) and Raima Sen (Sree).


Raima who had worked in a couple of other films with Parambrata said “I have a good chemistry onscreen with Parambrata. I look forward to working with him again. I have seen Suman’s Kadambari and I loved that. So it will be another added attraction of working in this project too”.

The script has a 70:30 ratio of English: Bengali making it not only a movie for the global Bengali but also an audience that appreciates good cinema. After a limited run online, the movie will also be available for global distribution.


Parambrata who had worked before in Suman’s Kadambari highlighted on the fact that he gelled well with the director and they have a great comfort level together. As far as the leading lady is concerned, Param said “I have had great working experiences with Raima. She is fun to be with. I am looking forward to some unforgettable experiences in the picturesque land of Miami”.


Bickram Ghosh will be composing the music of this film. University of Miami based professor and multiple-award winning Ed Talavera will be the DOP for the movie. This movie will be shot in the U.S.A at a stretch for 20 odd days and will bear a truly international look with a universal content.

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