Upcoming Bollywood film Veerappan Cast and Crew in Kolkata; Director Ram Gopal Verma all Set Let a Sneak Peak into the Dacoit’s Life


Video: New Ram Gopal Verma Film Veerappan Press Conference

In the august presence of director Ram Gopal Varma, Lisa Ray, Usha Jadhav, Sandeep Bharadwaj, the press conference of the upcoming Bollywood film Veerappan (None Like Him Ever Existed) took place recently. The event took place at ILEAD campus.


The biographical film on Veerappan is completely different from the Kannada film “Killing Veerappan” made by the same director. Speaking at the occasion, the director said “I know that the people residing in the Southern part of the country are well aware of the exploits of Veerappan. But people residing in the other parts may have heard his name but are not well acquainted with the man. How he became Veerappan, how he headed his group and his other activities are all shown in the film”.


Usha Jadhav plays the role of Muthulaksmi in the film. “Muthulaksmi, Veerappan’s wife is one character about whom we do not know much. She is alive and that is what made my portrayal challenging. I had to portray someone whom we do not have much information about. However the script helped much” said the actress.


Sandeep Bharadwaj who will be seen playing the role of Veerappan in the film was extremely satisfied after having worked with Ram Gopal Varma. “I have always wanted to work with him. So when he asked me to play this role, I said yes. However I am from Haryana and we do not have much forest there. So playing a person who stayed his whole life in a forest was difficult. However, RGV sir helped me a lot. We also did not have much information about Veerappan. The only documents were his pictures and some pictures of news prints. It is with the help of this information that I have tried to portray the man. I have tried to do much with the help of my body language too” said the actor.

Ram Gopal Varma who despite being an outsider has also successfully portrayed the underworld of Mumbai very clearly in his films, when asked about making a film on a subject which he does not know much about said, “I do nothing but make films. I do this every minute. I dislike calling this work because this is something I enjoy doing. Since I was an outsider I understood many things better than an insider. Hence, in my films I could penetrate the underworld better”.


Lisa Ray who plays the role of a spy named Priya in the film said “I have wanted to work with RGV. This film fulfilled my dream. I hurt my toe during the shooting. The role is so good that I can again risk getting hurt for a role like this”. The actress who is actually from Shyambazar, Kolkata never misses a chance to come back to the city.

The film Veerappan is slated for release on 27th May, 2016.

Priyanka Dutta

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