Audio Album of Bengali Band Adbhutam Launched



Bengali band Adbhutam recently released their debut instrumental music album titled “Beginning the epic”. The music album launch was released by eminent film and music personalities namely Ashok Bhadra, Mainak Banerjee, Malobika Banerjee, Srijla Guha, Rohaan Bhattacharjee and the members of the band Adbhutam.

Beginning the epic is an instrumental world music album. There are six tracks in the album, out of which five are instrumental and one is vocal. The tracks are a combination of Indian music with international music. The band which started off in early 2014 felt that there is no boundary or restriction to music. They have even collaborated with Jazz music too.


Speaking at the occasion, actor Mainak said “We all know about the significance of instrumental music for background score in films. However listening to instrumental songs can equally be pleasing and I like to listen to them”.

Ashok Bhadra while pointing out the growing importance of instrumental music said “A Bengali band bringing out their debut album on instrumental music rightly points out that this trend is to stay. I paid a tribute to Manna Dey once at an event. When the songs were played in the instrumental versions, people were equally mesmerized and involved”.

Priced at Rs 100, the music album is available both at the retail shops and also at the online stores.

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