Interview- Actress Sampurna Lahiri on Her Upcoming Bengali Film Parobash



Tollywood actress Sampurna Lahiri who is all geared up for her latest release Parobash is both excited and also tensed about the film. The primary reason for this tension is due to her father Niladri Lahiri’s debut movie as a director with the same film. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actress in between promotions of the film for a quick chat. Read on..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Can you tell us something about your character in the film Parobash?

Sampurna Lahiri- Well, I play the role of Sampurna in the film. Her parents died when she was small. She has been raised by her grandparents. Her childhood, growing up years, education at Shantiniketan, marriage, handling crisis in marriage all has been shown in the course of the film. The name Sampurna therefore has been apt.


How does it feel when your real life name becomes your reel life name?

Sampurna Lahiri- (chuckles)When the name of the character was being told to me, I was actually amazed. The naming is perfect as the girl becomes a young lady then becomes a woman- in short a complete circle of the life of this girl is shown. What better name than Sampurna?

How much can you relate with the reel life Sampurna that you play in the film?

Sampurna Lahiri- Well, I am not like her in any way. She is way too matured and can handle matters well. Despite staying abroad, she tries to handle matters well by sticking to her values which has been imparted to her during her education at Shantiniketan. The only similarity at the end of the day is therefore the name.


This is your father’s debut movie. How was he as a director? How was the working experience?

Sampurna Lahiri- We were both extremely professional during the shooting of the film. He is my father but on the sets the director persona took over him. We discussed scenes and we both worked together making the film a better one for the audience.

Working experience was a combination of both positive and negative issues. But what happens when you know a person too well is that you know both his/her positive and negative traits. My father is my best friend and I share everything with him. On the sets, if I did a scene wrong, I was scolded just like the others. I think at times I got scolded more. I did not get any special treatment since I was his daughter. He is a thoroughly professional person.

What will you say about the music of the film?

Sampurna Lahiri- The music by Gourab Ganguly is apt and helps in carrying forth the narrative. The biggest achievement is getting to hear Soumitra uncle (Soumitra Chatterjee) lend his voice to a song. Many of us have heard him reciting lines of poetry or prose. But listening to his singing has been a great experience on my part!!


What are your expectations from the film?

Sampurna Lahiri- Look, we have a made a film putting in a lot of effort and hard work. We may not have the big budget of the Bollywood films, but even within a limited budget we have made a decent film. The audience must come to the hall and watch the film to decide whether it is good or bad. The film showcases the life of Bengalis abroad. Many will be able to relate with it. Do watch the film!!

Wishing the actress all the best and hoping Parobash is a big success at the box office!!



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