Interview: Mir on Hosting Mirakkel 9 and his Love Affair with Comedy



Mirakkel Season 9 is coming to an end and this also marks the ten years celebration of this extremely popular comedy show on Zee Bangla. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the anchor of the show, Mir in a one to one conversation. Excerpts..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Mirakkel 9 is coming to an end. You will also be celebrating ten years of Mirakkel. How nostalgic does this make you feel?

Mir- Yeah, we have come a long way. The channel gave me and the show three months time to prove our worth. And we have been successful in doing so. If we were not worth the money, the channel would have shown us the door many years back.


Earlier many artists used to bring out comedy albums. Despite Mirakkel giving new comedy artists to the industry, why is there a shortage of such albums?

Mir-No one actually purchases albums these days. The industry is already facing troubles due to this issue. Hence bringing out an album is not financially feasible. However, it must be pointed out that the online consumption of comedy has increased. Example can be cited of AIB, All India Bakchod. These kinds of shows will rarely be watched by the elders in the Bengali households. Here comes Mirakkel. This has become a cult show in many places. For instance in Bangladesh, when Mirakkel is aired, the audience watches nothing but only Mirakkel.


Stand up comedians are not found much in our country. Why is it so?

Mir- It is simply because when one tries to do such standup comedy, there will be barriers put before the person. The individuals cannot make jokes about sex, religion or politics. This is quite similar to cooking Biryani without the masala, chicken piece and the potato piece. I have seen in San Francisco and other places abroad that they are given the free space as artists to make fun about everything and entertain people. As a result, The Pope, Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, nobody is spared. But let somebody do that in India and we all know the consequences the person will have to face. People in our country have a fixed mindset about certain issues which cannot simply be changed. That is causing all the trouble! They take a trivial thing to be serious and protest against it while they leave a serious issue thinking it to be trivial.


Many in the audience have said that Mirakkel has a lot of non-veg jokes which makes it unfit to be viewed when sitting with family. What do you have to say about that?

Mir- (laughs) When have I asked the audience to watch the show by sitting on the sofa? They can lie down and also watch the show!! I believe that negative publicity is also good for us. This means people are watching the show. They may criticize but they are watching the show. Mirakkel has become a habit for the people.

Since you have to devote such a huge amount of time to the show, don’t your family members complain about this hectic schedule? Or do you not miss them?

Mir- Well, even if I had worked for twenty four hours, I would have taken time out for my daughter. (smiles) As for my family, they are part of my soul and are always with me. The contestants in every season are however my extended family and I miss them more than my actual family. This is because they are with me for such a long time during the shooting. When the show is over, the next day is hard as I miss them so much. Mirakkel has given me so much. After the 100 kilometers of Kolkata, the reach of radio is nil. Whatever popularity I have got from canning to Chicago is because of this show. I also have done no other shows apart from Mirakkel on television. No one takes me and secondly Mirakkel is so ingrained in my blood that it is difficult to take it out. I went for a Colors Bangla event once. There was a huge crowd. Someone from the crowd suddenly asked me to say “Awesome Saala” at the event. I was so embarrassed. Even the channel authorities understood the importance of the show Mirakkel.


Will you be performing at the Grand Finale?

Mir- Well, yes I will be performing with a group of beautiful girls. I will be coming down from below and shaking my leg with them. This is indeed very stressful for me. When I was practicing the steps, the makeup man and the others seated in my room left the room. I am such a bad dancer!!

Who among the celebrities sportingly accept making fun of them?

Mir- Hiron is a great sport. Jeet, Bumba Da (Prosenjit Chatterjee) are also very sporting. Basically Jeet and Bumba Da have become so frustrated with me that they have now left me to do whatever I want to do. Dipak da (Chiranjeet Chakraborty) has never said the word “Paglaa” in any film. But I have popularized the word so much that people now ask Dipak Da to say the same thing. This shows how deeply Mirakkel affects the audience.


What do you think must be the attitude of the people with regard to watching comedy shows?

Mir- To enjoy comedy shows, one must learn to take the butt of the comedy sportingly. During the course of the show, I have made fun of myself and also the channel. I have even asked people to stop watching Mirakkel. However, what happens is that when I ask people to stop watching the show, that is also a part of the show and these are the instances when the TRP goes to great heights. This simply follows the rule of asking someone not to do something to eventually see them do just the opposite.

What will be the next step for Mir after Mirakkel Season 9?

Mir- Plans of Mirakkel Season 10 will be chalked out. After this show is over, we will think when to start the new season, what is to be done and so on!! After Mirakkel season 10, I don’t know whether the channel will like to continue with this show or whether they will keep me as the anchor. That time alone will tell!! Till then keep watching Mirakkel!!

The Grand Finale episode will be aired on 12th June from 7.30pm on Zee Bangla.



Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.



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