Delicious Haleem’s at Shiraz to Celebrate The Holy Month of Ramadan



With Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar comes the observation of the Roza. During the observance of this religious occasion, Shiraz Golden Restaurant has come up with the ‘Haleem Festival’ with enticing recipes for the people of Kolkata. The festival will be carried on till Eid.


Haleem is a wholesome stew, prepared with pieces of meat, wheat, lentils and spices, originating from Middle East. Since its inception it has travelled and reached almost every corner of the world. Shiraz Golden Restaurant had been organizing the Haleem Festival to celebrate the holy month of Ramzan for quite a few years now. Haleem is a complete energy meal. After hours of fasting, when Haleem is served it caters to your appetite.


Apart from the regular Gosht Haleem or Murgh Haleem, there has been the introduction of some comprehensive recipes with variant use of spices like Mutton Shahi Haleem, Chicken Shahi Haleem, Mutton Irani Haleem, Chicken Irani Haleem, Mutton Hyderabadi Haleem and Chicken Hyderabadi Haleem that will be served during the festival.


A meal for two at the festival will cost around Rs 350/- exclusive of taxes. As a part of a special offer, a free Coke of 400ml will be given to the buyer of two portions of Haleem.

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