Interview: Debut Actor Ishaan Mazumder on His Working Experience in The Bengali Film Postmaster (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)



Ishaan Mazumder who is also a trained Rabindrasangeet Singer will be making his debut with the upcoming Bengali film Postmaster. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the talented actor in a candid conversation. Read on…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You are making your debut with Postmaster. How has been the experience?

Ishaan Mazumder- The experience for me was really awesome.  I gave my best and had a strong feeling that I would get selected from the audition for the lead character. And it happened as I had hoped for. The entire journey of Postmaster was a great experience and a great learning process for me from the audition, to the workshop till the completion of the shoot.


I assume you have read the original story by Tagore. So how do you think the audience will react to the changes done in the story?

Ishaan Mazumder- Yeah of course! I have read the story just like every Bengali. I am not an exception.Tagore, Roy will remain immortal always. See, the nucleus is the story of Tagore but the way it has been portrayed will bring an inquisitiveness to see the movie. Many adaptations from Tagore, Shakespeare have been made and have been successful in the past, like Charulata or Manihara in Bengali. Dev D and Omkara are the other examples. Content always sells and people will go to the theatre to watch a simple story which they can relate to and of course audience loves to compare and discuss on topics they are aware of .They will find a difference in the story line and will react “Oh this is the way it has been depicted but the Tagore one was a little different , etc etc!”

What made you say yes to this role?

Ishaan Mazumder- I went through the script and narration and loved it! And since it’s the “Postmaster”it had to be a “YES”! It has been dream role for me and as a newcomer I have faced a lot of challenges which I had to overcome. I love to accept challenges!

How was Srijon as the director?

Ishaan Mazumder- Srijon is a very hardworking, extremely talented director and an awesome story teller.

He has been working on this project from a long time, in all its areas; story, script, direction, and music. As a debutant director, he has done a marvelous job. He is very good in the technical aspects of film making.


How was Pujarini as your co-star?

Ishaan Mazumder- As per experience in this industry, she is senior to me .Pujarini is one of the upcoming talented actors in Tollywood .She is a great co-star. She understands what to deliver and how to. A co actor helps to enhance your acting abilities to the fullest. We both supported each other to deliver the best in the film.

How much fun did you have during the shooting of the film? Any memorable experience that you will like to share with us!!

Ishaan Mazumder- We shot at Plassey and it was a home away from home. We all stayed together in a same building block. It was like a big fun loving family. Post shoot, the entire crew used to get together, discuss about the shoot, sing, dance and entertain ourselves. Our most memorable event was we found Bodhisattva da and Kalyan da coming out of their shell and singing for us!! I had always seen them only on screen but this experience was unforgettable!

You are a trained Rabindrasangeet singer. When did the acting bug bit you?

Ishaan Mazumder– I learnt music from a very small age, classical as well as Rabindrasangeet. I have done multiple playbacks for Kannada movies down south. I had represented South zone in Zee TV’s SaReGaMa and Channel [V[‘s Super Singer . I always used to admire Farhan Akhtar who had been a singer as well as an actor. Since childhood I have been in this environment and the acting bug bit me at my own house itself! In fact my uncle was with Shambhu Mitra and he was a famous theatre artist in his own right. My grandpa had acted in a Bengali movie .His close friend was Bhanu Bandhopadhay and they used to visit our parental house. My grandfather’s closest friend was the producer of “Komal Gandhar”. My maternal side had a production house “ Mili Productions” which has produced many Bengali cult movies like “ Biraj bou , Shomantoral , Kalhamarahai  [Hindi] , Protibad and many more . So basically joining films was natural for me.

Since films have already been made on Postmaster before, have you watched those films?

Ishaan Mazumder- Yes I did ;almost all of them , I am a movie buff .

How did you prepare yourself for the role?

Ishaan Mazumder- There are two kinds of preparation I take once a project is signed. Firstly, my physical appearance to suit the role that includes diet and exercise. Secondly, I prepare myself mentally for the character I would play. Here the character I played is of Nanda, for which I had to put on weight, change my looks, attend intensive workshops and make own character sketches as per the role.


The film has received adulations at film festivals. Is that creating pressure on you, now that the film will be screened at halls in Kolkata?

Ishaan Mazumder- Well, all I have got till now has been given by the almighty! I have limitations; everyone has them and I am not an exception! However, since it’s my debut film, I have to improve a lot and will do so because acting is my passion and mistakes are required to improve.  Now therein is the pressure.

What is your expectation from the film?

Ishaan Mazumder- The film should do well. It’s a well-made film.

How are you selecting the roles at the moment? What are the criteria that you are keeping in mind?

Ishaan Mazumder- This is just the beginning and there is no set of criteria that I am following right now. I am here to stay! I will grab any role if the script interests me.

Do you have any dream role?

Ishaan mazumder- I want to share the screen with Mr Bachchan one day. That would be my dream come true.


Who are the directors you would like to work with?

Ishaan Mazumder- We have a huge bunch of multi-talented, versatile directors in our industry. Picking one of them would be very difficult. Even the debut directors are doing great! So, I think right now, it should be the other way around.  I will let them choose me!

What are the next projects lined up for you?

Ishaan Mazumder- I have two other films waiting for their release. ‘Pratyavartan’ directed by Nimu Bhaumik and ‘Untitled Project’ directed by Late. Bappada (Bappaditya Bandopadhyay). I am working on my next assignment now and the details will be shared soon. Stay tuned!

We hope that the hard work of Ishaan Mazumder gets the due appreciation from the critics and the audiences alike. Best of luck!!




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