Bengali Rock Band Cactus Attends Interactive Session Say No To Drugs


Video: Bengali Rock Band Cactus Attends Interactive Session Say No To Drugs

With much uproar in the country about drug abuse problems, depicted in the Bollywood film Udta Punjab, Mukti World organized an interactive session titled Say No to Drugs. The event was attended by the band members of the Bengali rock band Cactus, Krishnamurti Vishwanath, Secretary, Mukti Rehabilitation Centre, Abhinav Gupta, Director of Mukti World along with the drug abuse victims of Mukti Rehabilitation Centre.


Speaking at the occasion, Sidhu (band member, Cactus) said “This habit of drug abuse can only be stopped if the individual practicing it will stop it. One cannot stop it by enforcing laws because the country already has enough laws for the purpose. One must understand that this deadly habit will not only take away his normal lifestyle but will pose health problems in the long run”.


Sidhu also shared a story of a vocalist who was given the chance to work with Cactus band. “However his drug habit got the better of him and we had to drop him from the band. I still think what a great performer he could have become had he not succumbed to this ill habit of drug abuse” said the singer.

The children from the centre shared their stories of drug abuse and how they recovered from this habit. The band members of Cactus also performed the song “Bhalo Theko” at the occasion.

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